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West Is Best – Round 9 Update

Given the DT Talk Tbetta League’s recent success, I’ve been asked to provide and update on our progress. I enlisted the help of Benny and Hawker to explain why we’re so awesome and how those in Aki’s Beasts of the East League have no chance of catching us.

Given the DT Talk Tbetta League’s recent success, I’ve been asked to provide and update on our progress. I enlisted the help of Benny and Hawker to explain why we’re so awesome and how those in Aki’s Beasts of the East League have no chance of catching us. Benny kicks us off:


The Legend: 

A wise man once said “Some people think Dream Team is a matter of life or death. I assure you, it is much more important than that”.

Ok, I may have made a few sneaky changes/improvements to the famous Bill Shankly quote, but the message still rings true. Back in the days of old (February of this year), two men had an idea. It was a moment of inspiration that would alter the game – nay, the very nature – of Dream Team forever. It was a notion written in the stars, destined to come forth and pit the very best minds DT head-to-head….

And thus began the West vs East battle.


The Facts:

Tbetta’s Westies were a ragtag bunch of misfits, gathered from the doldrums of the DT community (Twitter). Meanwhile, Aki had recruited DT stars from around the globe to represent the East. You could have found better odds of Zac Dawson winning the Brownlow than West downing the East! But after locking horns for nine long rounds, it’s the underdogs who are not only prevailing over the East, but over 99.94% of the 25,262 leagues in the competition to be sitting at 14th overall.

It’s been a titanic effort from the #WestIsBest lads, with all of the top 8 ranked inside the top 2000 overall and every single member ranking inside the top 20,000. Let’s get into the teams and see how they are travelling, thanks to Hawker. In order of Ladder ranking, we have:


 DT TALK Tbetta:

  1. D.MonsWeekly score 2178 – Overall Ranking 233

Is absolutely flying at the moment and still has plenty to go. With both Swanny and Heppell sitting on the pine and a forward line that includes Sidebottom, Robbo and Beams the Toyota is well in D.Mons sights!

  1. newkas guns Weekly score 2145 – Overall Ranking 458

There’s not much between the Guns and Mons at all. Newka doesn’t have Swan on the pine but does have Cloke, who surely cannot keep stinking it up.

  1. Dawks Weekly score 2135 – Overall Ranking 873

My side has had both Ablett and Swan sitting on the pine and has dropped from the top 300 over the last couple of weeks. With Beams coming in this week, Hargrave being upgraded and Swan to come back in, onwards and upwards! Hopefully!

  1. Pokemon HunterWeekly score 2193 – Overall Ranking 1101

Just outside the top 1000 with plenty of upside. One of the astute coaches who picked B. Ebert and L.Hayes and has made plenty of cash in the midfield.  Martin at F7 shows a really solid forward line.

  1. Dunny’s Destroyers Weekly score 2163 – Overall Ranking 1222

Here is a Star of the DT world, our very own Dunny, author of The Friday Scramble. He still has Swan and Heppell to come back with plenty of upside in his team. Has shown he has patience as a coach, he still has Broughton (unlike myself and may others who dumped him after the first two shockers)! Wise man.

  1. Betta Than Tbetta – Weekly score 2198 – Overall Ranking 1920

You have got to love the name! Sean is our own Tbetta’s brother.  As his name suggests, he actually is better than Tbetta! (Well, at the moment). Like many, he still has Heppell to come back and a star-studded forward line with Martin at F7.

  1. Ben FC – Weekly score 2109 Overall Ranking 5433

Ben FC is coached by another well-known DTer, and has his own blog at bennydt. It’s a great read so give it a follow! Ben finished 23rd overall in DT in 2011 so he’s a well-credentialed fantasy mind.  He’s yet another coach who has Heppell waiting in the wings to come back. He’s set himself up really well for the all-important bye rounds – I think you are going to see a big jump in the rankings from him soon!

  1. DT Dominators – Weekly score 2106 Overall Ranking 1662

The Dominators have some jets in the midfield in Stanton, Thompson and Ablett – not to mention Boyd, Pendles and Jelwood! This midfield can cause some serious damage and it’s only an upgrade in the forward and back lines away from an awesome side.

  1. Plenty O’Power – Weekly score 2145 – Overall Ranking 7477

The Power is a good, balanced side with a solid midfield. Barlow at M5 will get better you would think. Boasts a steady backline and a forward line including Sidebottom and Robbo.  You can see this side cracking the top 1000 at some stage.

  1. Mean Mess Machine – Weekly score 2234 Overall Ranking 1675

The machine pumped out a great score this week was ranked 1116 for the round. With Swan to come back and a forward line including Sidebottom, Robbo and Beams we are going to see some big scores on a regular basis from here.

  1. Amerons Alphamales – Weekly score 2142 – Overall Ranking 9949

The Alphamales went with a slightly unique backline with M.Johnson and Duffield who can be great points-of-difference. The ruck combo of 211 and Giles is going to score consistently well if Sandilands can stay fit. The forward line including Sidebottom, Robbo and Beams will help punch out big scores as seen this week.

  1. extragarlicsauce – Weekly score 2153 -Overall Ranking 13684.

Firstly, what a great name! Well done Coach Jimmy, just reading your side’s name brings a smile! Just a couple of upgrades in the backline would help to shoot up the rankings. If Malceski, Mitchell, Kreuzer and Rocky start giving that little bit more, away you go!

  1. Cellar Dwellers – Weekly score 2154 – Overall Ranking 5288

With Heppell to come back in and a forward line including Sidebottom, Robbo, Chappy and Stevie J, beware the Cellar Dweller! No Swan or Pendles at this stage but that just means some great upgrade targets on the radar!

  1. Look at my Guns – Weekly score 2210 – Overall Ranking 9756

Another coach with a good sense of humor, and hats off to you for having Ivan ‘The Mullet’ Maric in your rucks! The Guns is another side with a forward line packing a punch, wielding Sidebottom, Robbo, Chappy and Beams. Just have to fix up Cornes and away you go!

  1. Cunning Stunts Weekly score 2110 – Overall Ranking 14763

Great name and a decent side. With Shaw and Stevie J’s high ceilings, the Stunts are just a couple of upgrades away from the top 10000.

  1. The 19th Franchise – Weekly score 2032 – Overall Ranking 19600

This Franchise has a solid midfield including Boyd, Pendles, Ablett, and the mid-priced McCarthy, with Swan to come back. Just requires an upgrade up front and down back to start climbing the rankings.

  1. The Angry Pirates – Weekly score 2190 – Overall Ranking 15414

The Pirates are a really solid side surprisingly not in the top 10,000 yet. It won’t be long though, as with Birchall at D6 the defensive line is strong. The midfield has a couple of GWS boys left to upgrade, which will surely give the side a boost. The Pirates still have Mcintosh to return and is another with an explosive forward line including Sidebottom, Robbo and Beams.

  1. Tbetta Than You – Weekly score 2123 Overall Ranking 4047

The Legend himself! Has had some bad luck along the way with LTIs and like me made the mistake of giving Broughton the arse (or was it a mistake in selecting him?). Either way, I hate Broughton too! Tbetta has Heppell to come back and a couple of cows ready to cash in. No doubt the great man will be there at the pointy end of the season!


The Wrap:

So, there you go, that’s the #WestIsBest team that has so far nailed the coffin on #BeastsFromTheEast for 9 straight weeks – that’s an Origin run even Queensland can’t top. Its early days still, but this may be a case where a Champion Team beats a team of Champions. Time will tell!


Thanks to Benny and Hawker for combining to provide this update. Legends! In their words:

“For the small contingent of fools that managed to make it to the end of this article and somehow like my style, jump over to my blog at for more waffling and sh*t-talk, and follow me on Twitter @BennyFC. Cheers all, and happy Dreaming!” – Benny

“Hope you enjoyed the update, and hopefully I’ll do it on a more regular basis. Don’t forget, West Is Best! (well, I’m from the western suburbs of Melbourne… Haha!). You can follow me on Twitter as well at @hawker68. Cheers! ” – Hawker





  1. johnnyr

    May 30, 2012 at 2:04 am

    Our WA league is currently sixty first and it’s fair to say I’m weighing it down being 600 points behind the next lowest person.

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Hargrave, Shaw, Birchall, Morris, Darley (Smedts, Spurr)
    MID: Boyd, Thompson, Watson, Ablett, Jelwood, Horsley (McDonald, Neale)
    RUC: Giles, Sandilands (Mumford, Stephenson)
    FWD: Sidebottom, Robinson, Franklin, Zaharakis, Martin, Treloar, Zorko (Smith, Hall)

    team has turned out poorly and ranked 60,000., only 12 trades left.. 2012 fail.

    • Kevin

      May 30, 2012 at 6:07 am

      That’s not a bad side at all. It must have looked a lot different 12 trades ago to be ranked 60000. Just sit tight, let your cows fatten up and boom! It’s only round 9, there’s a long way to go!
      Good luck!

      • johnnyr

        May 30, 2012 at 4:27 pm

        Yeh I’m going to burn a few more trades to try and climb the rankings. Heppel, Carrazzo, Swan, Cristensen, Goodes are planned

  2. Sauce

    May 30, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Wouldn’t usually say this but I’m actually pretty happy to be ranked about 13k at the moment – but only because it was about 40k only three or four weeks ago. Shattered about the one point loss to Cellar-Dwellers, though.

    Those backline upgrades that you mentioned for me are on the cards over the MBR with both Scotland/Goddard and Heppell/Shaw lining up. Carrazzo in round 15, I think, will polish off the DEF line and see Malceski as D8 emergency or D7 with Carrots rotated into the mids as/when necessary.

    My rucks clearly need some work but they will suffice until after MBR. Kicking myself – and especially as a tigers supporter – that I took Kreuz over big Ivan but it’s only one of a dozen 50/50 calls that went the wrong way for me. This season was supposed to be about making top 200 after hitting top 2,000 last year, but now it’s about the resurgence and seeing just what I can do with the rabble I started with.

    Oh, and on the extragarlicsauce name (cheers btw), it’s a throwback to the good old days and some might remember the line from this classic clip. It’s at about the 3:55 mark but worth watching the whole thing.

  3. Kevin

    May 30, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Morning jimmy! How stiff were you to loose by a point. I blame Malceski! I have him as well and he has been shitting me lately. He keeps getting tagged! If I had the luxury of a heap of trades he would go. You are a bit stiff with kreuzer I reckon. He could be huge. I would have picked him over Maric any day. Who would have guessed!
    Extra garlic sauce!!! I love it. Reminds me of the good old days for me down at Lambs on Lygon str after a night out on the piss! We still get down there sometimes after a win at the G!
    I Went to the game on Sat. The Tigers looked awesome!
    Well done!

    • Sauce

      May 30, 2012 at 5:51 pm

      Haha, cheers mate. Gotta love Lambs!!

      I’m also still alive in the eliminator so keen to keep that little streak running. Quietly confident of a comfortable win this week so we’ll see how things go over the MBR!

  4. Pavalinco

    May 30, 2012 at 8:58 am

    Im for WA and missed this league. Would have been on top. Next year.

  5. Look at my guns

    May 30, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Ivan since round 1 baby! Gr8 write up lads, saves me having a look at each team myself! Chad cornes is definitely a fail. He did however get me a few good scores early on :-/ uniques are key!

    • Kevin

      May 30, 2012 at 1:20 pm

      Chad was fantastic early on. I don’t know if his role has changed but is struggling now. Still a good get first up! Well done on Maric, not many would have picked that!
      Glad you liked the write up. Good luck this week!

  6. Shanks

    May 30, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    ‘If Everton were playing at the bottom of the garden, I’d pull the curtains.’

  7. themessyman

    May 30, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Great write up guys. Hopefully i can pump out some good scores so we can go up higher in the rankings and continue smashing the east. Go West!!!!

  8. juddy69

    May 30, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    I’d love to be apart of this league next year ;) On another note, League X, let’s crack the top 20 this week, sitting at 25 atm!

  9. newks1994

    May 30, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    Great write up mate, hopefully the league can keep climbing! Yeah that is my team with cloke in it…worst pick of the year. I have enough money to go to beams in one trade but this burns the money I was planning to use during the byes. Should I keep cloke and hope he gets better or go to beams?

    • Kevin

      May 30, 2012 at 7:03 pm

      I’d wait on Cloke. He could have a monster game this week. The key position forwards have been killing Gold Coast. It’s like the stock market, you only lose the money if you sell. Fingers crossed he comes good and you can spend the money else where and save a trade.

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