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The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 8 edition.

It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around for you in DT. A couple of weeks ago I had plummeted to emotional depths hitherto known to a DT coach. Then last week I scored a 2250+ and a funny thing happened… I’m got happy again! How about you, how has your DT round panned out… a good one or bad one? Let’s knee-jerk.

The Sunday evening knee-jerk. Round 8 edition.

It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around for you in DT. A couple of weeks ago I had plummeted to emotional depths hitherto known to a DT coach. It was cold outside, black clouds were washing over me and I seemed to step in every puddle. Then last week I scored a 2250+ and a funny thing happened… The storm clouds cleared! The sun broke through and I’m happy again…So much so that even though I’m sitting amongst boxes at my new home I’m actually willing to type the bulk of the knee jerk on the impractical, non-functional slide out keyboard of my HTC desire…  I haven’t had hand cramps this bad since my teen addiction to the twin cobra machine at the fish and chip shop! In truth its been hard to get the smile off my face on a count of the bombers winning, my DT firing and my Chelsea winning the champions league final (Drogba, the ultimate big match player), I could lose my wallet and still be happy!! Looks like some epic scores being had this week, how has your DT round panned out… a good one or bad one? Let’s knee-jerk.

The Legend.

First legend this week is the flouro wiggle. If you didn’t catch him, he was the goal umpire from the Ess v Rich game with the skin tight skivvy and barrel chest. I doubt you’d get any players bumping into this guy.. he would bump back… hard. On Friday night there were a whole host of legends.. Sidebottom(139) continued his breakout year, Pendlebury (133) pretty much won the game for the pies and Selwood (136) nearly won the game for the cats. Each of these guys made the start of our weekend awesome and possibly softened the blow of a potential Swan (95) injury. On a free flowing DT Saturday night Deledio (160) was heroic, Cotchin (143) knocked up a score bigger than his hair..(just) and the dynamic duo of Watson (134) and Stanton (124) continued their ripper form…with Boyd (129) added to the mix it made for a profitable night and far too hard to choose just one legend.. so i choose them all! As a post script i’ll give Melbourne a small leg up and hand Howe a legend nom for his mark of the year candidate, awesome stuff! . On Sunday Dangerfield (142 ) continued the high score trend with a whopper… plus there was a guy in Brissy called big sauce who nobody has….

The Sunday chop.

You know those hot summer nights? You are in bed tossing and turning having one of those endless fever induced dreams that have you running from crazy past school enemies or regaling obscure moments from your past life. It feels like you have been asleep for ever… But you open one eye and it’s only been 13 minutes…. You live for the epic 3 seconds each cycle when the fan oscillates onto you before going off again on its endless circular journey….. There is a lone mosquito buzzing around your ear… Close…BZzz,  Far…bzzz, Closer BZZZz,  …further bzz. You blindly flail at the air in a vain hope you can kill the cretin. What the hell does this have to do with DT? Well DT this year has been my summer night and Aaron Hall (0) is my summer night mosquito… annoying the crap out of me, he feels like a waking nightmare that won’t end, I’d love to get rid of him but each week I have other pressing issues… He is stinking up my side and causing me no end of anger. Seriously what did he do to deserve this kind of treatment? Call blueys kid a ranga or something? He ‘seemed’ to be playing OK. In fact I thought he was one of their better players… I’m sorry Hally, but I’m going to have to chop…. I’ve already got Couch (0) stinking up the other end of that bench. My bye plan will be useless unless I can get this area fixed pronto, Plus with the way the general has been visiting the GWS its more often than not that we will need to use bench cover.  Chop. (there are a few blues treading a tight line right now.. you know who are are!)

The Clown.

My favourite clown last week was the guy who thought he would take a grab from row 3 of the second deck at Etihad but ended up falling jaw first onto the rail. There aren’t many graceful ways of coming out of that looking cool. It would be like tripping over on the way back from the bar holding the drink for your first date….. Just get up and walk out… It’s over. Clown number two is the channel seven camera man with a hand on his Wang constantly putting the camera on Megan Gale. I payed extra $$ for the sport pack and Fox Footy for the siren to siren Football…not for blow by blows on Gales night. If I wanted that I’d turn on fashion TV. More stats, less WAGS please. This week i also have to add the AFL as clowns, i mean seriously.. the farcical scenes on Friday night with the score review needs to stop. How the hell are they supposed to adjudicate if a ball was a point or OOB using 2 cameras 100m or more away? In the end the umpire almost said stuff it, just give it a point and lets play the game…. I reckon there’s a message in that for all of us. Last little clown is Bomber Thompson for daring to catch Jimmy Hird unawares with a shaken up bottle of Coke. That there is the first time in 20 years Hird has been caught unawares at a football stadium….. shame bomber.. Shame.

The this game sh*ts me.

This week I have ummed and ahh’d about my trades. I am in that delicate phase of trying to resist the player that I want; versus the player that suits my bye plan. It is very hard to go against every DT principle you have ever learnt all in aid of a strange 3 week period. I wanted Goddard (60 ht), I feel safer with Goddard (60 ht)… But Shaw (115) suits my bye plan… So I took him. Looks like a good choice so far, but Shaw is a known roller coaster…we will wait and see on that one.  Some people around work have told me that I am obsessing over my bye plan to the detriment of my side… And maybe they are right, I’ve become blindly focused on not getting more than 2 zeros… And as this happens I am leaking points. Do you reckon when the boffins at Microsoft were inventing Excel for complex algorithms and data crunching they ever dreamed it would be used exclusively for DT players using its pretty colours for Bye planners? I just realised that after round 13 we will have the first sustained period of bye free football for the first time in over 2 years! But half of us won’t have enough trades to enjoy it properly… And that’s why DT sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces.

When you start the season you set yourself the goal of winning the car. But just like in life you sometimes need to readjust your goals to suit your particular situation. For instance Essendon’s goal may have been to make the finals… now they must change their goal to aim for top 4. For me personally the car is out of reach. Even though I’d expect a series of green arrows across the bye weeks …being ranked around 15.000 right now kind of rules that out and is somewhat embarrassing to me. So I’d like to readjust my goals…. I could go for the league win but that’s not my cup of tea… I’ve got a greater wish right now. My goal for the season is to make each of my eliminator opponents shake in their boots when they click my side on Wednesday and say ‘Sh*t…. I’m in trouble!’ That’s right I wanna beat up on weak eliminator sides flat track bully style! I’m going on a cup run, so don’t get in my way! This may sound like a convenient excuse to use all my trades building the best side early and maybe it is….. OK… it is. See you in the eliminator… if you dare.

So that’s about it for this Sunday night. I was heading for a huge score but some poor blues have just taken me around the 2200 mark. What knee-jerk thoughts do you have so far about the round just passed? Any nominations for Legend, Chop, Clown or why this game sh*ts you? Get it down now before we get rational again in time for Tbettas bullets!

Hit me up with any thoughts or nominations on twitter @adzman78





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