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Hook’s Quarterly Review

I was thinking last night about how helpful it would be to know which teams are the easiest to score against. I started doing a spreadsheet (because that is what I do) and thought maybe it would be helpful to other people… so have a look at Hook’s Quarterly Review!

I have been thinking about how I should write this article. Should I be funny like RL Griffen? The only problem with that is I’m not very funny. Should I use sentimental analogies that call back fond memories of the good old days of double dragon and Sega? Maybe, but I would lose half of the audience on this site who don’t remember Alice in Chains or Stone Temple pilots (love the 90’s music).

Instead I decided to write it in a format that I know best and that is business (I am an accountant after all). I apologize in advance if it is boring to read and poorly written. Hopefully you can look past that and still find the information and statistics useful.

Executive Summary

In this report I will analyze and draw some conclusions from which teams are the easiest to score against. I have looked at the stats from the previous 6 rounds and tallied the number of 100’s scored against them as well as the total points scored. From this data I have been able to rank them from easiest to score against to the hardest. What I found was a little surprising. Hopefully you can use this information to help choose captains (along as Calvin agrees of course) and decide who to play from your benches.

Statistical Analysis (100’s and points scored by the opposition)


So what do the statistics tell me?

1)      They tell me Melbourne is by far the easiest team in the competition to score against. Look for some big scores from Hawthorn this week.

2)      Collingwood are not the same defensive team they were last year and are actually the third easiest team to score 100’s against. I got the sense of their lack of DT defensive pressure by watching their games but it still took me by surprise when I saw the numbers. They have more 100’s scored against them then GWS!

3)      Richmond has definitely upped its defensive pressure this year with less 100’s and points scored against them then both Geelong and Saint Kilda.

4)      Despite their record and ladder position the Crows are still relatively easy to score DT points against.

5)      The best DT defensive teams are the Eagles , Essendon , Carlton and the Hawks, all conceding only a miserly 2 x100’s per game. I would think twice about captains or bench options if they are playing these teams.

6)      The teams in the middle of the ladder eg Freo, STK, WB, Roos and Port are all capable of giving up the points against the better teams but are good at holding the weaker teams to low scores (which I guess makes sense given their AFL ladder positions).

Conclusion and Recommendations

Hopefully you can use this information to make decisions on who to play on the field or who to captain. The statistics are pretty self explanatory so I won’t go into details. Of course there are other factors such as quality of opposition played, ground where the points are scored, weather conditions ect but if you find this type of article useful maybe I can do some more in depth analysis on these additional factors later.

By the way a big shout out to Dream Stats where I got all my statistics from.

Good luck for round 7 dreamers.

Cheers, Hook





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