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The Sunday eve knee-jerk. Round 6 edition

I’ve had an epiphany… after my three weeks of DT hell I’ve decided I don’t care anymore… All the stress, all the pain…I’ve just let it go. How about you guys.. Have a good week? Bad week? Let’s knee-jerk.

The Sunday eve knee-jerk. Round 6 edition.

I’ve had an epiphany… after my three weeks of DT hell I’ve decided I don’t care anymore… All the stress, all the pain…I’ve just let it go. I still remember the actual moment I let it go, it was when Ellis was subbed off last week…. I just shut my laptop and said F**k it… I’m not looking again until next weekend. Then a funny thing happened, I sat there and watched the showdown in Adelaide and actually enjoyed the game! It was awesome. Watching footy and enjoying it again… not worrying about a f**ked up computer game and its scores. It felt refreshing to actually enjoy a game of footy… so from this moment on, I’m football first, DT second. (Until I score 2100+ at least) As the great Dalai Lama says…”In order to fully enjoy life, one must first experience death” He may well have been talking about Dream Team… “In order to fully enjoy dream team, one must first experience loss (by way of a sub 1800 score)” So…. looks like I’m on the path to DT enlightenment then! How about you guys… Have a good week? Bad week? Let’s knee-jerk.

The Legend.

It was as predictable as Naked photos of Lara Bingle being leaked a week before her reality show begins….Brent Stanton (193) firing up against a poorer side. He is a bit of a flat track bully but if your on board its a ride you’ll just love. Seriously all respect is due to the man for scoring a mark, kick, hadball shy of a double ton. In a year when some massive scores are being had this could end up being the best of them. Averaging a whopping 135 per match so far this year Stants is taking all before him, but do you have the balls to captain him? Special mentions go to SJ (163) and Ryan Griffen (149) for playing dominant games that would have won them legend status had Stanton not played this week. Also future legend Kyal Horsley (123) welcome to the world of DT, your a welcome addition.

The Sunday chop.

If dream team was a suburb and it was hard rubbish week there would be more Gary Abletts on the nature strips right now then there are old style TV’s. After his rather nervous interview on the footy show Thursday night panicky Dream teamers were trading him out all over the place on the back of a series of Chinese whispers. But just remember… for every person that throws out junk… there is always somebody willing to pick up and take it. So keep your eyes peeled for a bargain in a few weeks!

But onto this weeks chop.. its…. reluctantly James Magner(66). Before i get flamed i know his b.e is still under 20 but somebody has to make way for Kyal horsley (123)! It may as well be one of your cash cow mids who is now prone to getting tagging jobs. I do assume 240,000 players will be bringing in Horsley this week… who goes for you ?

The Clown.

I thought I was having a bad day…. I got stuck behind Delta Goodrem in the line at McDonalds… man she was taking forever! She couldn’t make a decision for herself… “Would you like fries with that?” She started crying and turned around to ask Darren Hayes behind her. Crikey it’s not that hard! I nearly lost it when she turned for the fifth time to ask Hayes if they wanted eat in or take away. I wished I was in the drive thru… Seal was there in a car with about 12 girls…when he ordered his Mc Nuggets the girl behind the headset orgasmed….twice.  Anyway I guess my day wasn’t as bad as Paul Duffields (38) he had a mare! I know it seems tough on the boy, he was dragged deep all match but as i tried out my new dalai lama style non caring of DT I happened to notice my backs in Birchall (60), Malceski (81) and Duffield (38) were all stinking it up early….. the first two guys slightly redeemed themselves leaving Duffman to take clown status alone. Seriously what is it with defenders wearing purple and DT unpredictability?

The this game sh*ts me.

OK.. for the past 4 weeks I have stayed as strong as possible on my ruck situation. I have been watching Kreuzer’s scores steadily drop while Giles sat on my bench the whole time scoring opposing tons (or close to it) I swore i would never give in on this…. I would play Kreuzer all the way, because i knew the very first time I relented it would bite me. The DT ruck gods threw me a bone on Thursday night by omitting Kreuzer and letting me play Giles on the ground. I miss the deadline… and in so doing miss the news that Kruezer was a late in.. So i was stuck with Giles on the ground and Kreuzer on the bench, obviously i knew exactly what was going to happen come Sunday but i tried to act surprised…. Typically Kreuzer goes on to score 89 and Giles scrapes me a 59….. i just shake my head really… but that’s why Dream team sh*ts me.

The other bits and pieces.

I have a player in my league…we used to be friends, in fact I taught him everything he knows…but because of our different bye strategies (or lack thereof in his case) things have changed, he is beating me and letting the entire galaxy know about it. I’m Obi Wan…I did my best to teach him the ways of the force but he’s now Darth Vader… fallen for the dark side…he’s more machine now than man. We met last week in the corridors of the death star for the first time in a while…’ahh I’ve been waiting for you Obi Wan Kenobi. We meet again at last…the circle is now complete, when I left you I was but a learner…but now I am the master’… he said.  ‘Only a master of Evil’ I said… Evil but he really has no idea! While I am planning my trades with minute detail he is just bringing in every Murphy, Swan and Rockliff. In all honesty my moisture farmers McCarthy and Magner never really stood a chance against his storm troopers but I’m fighting the good fight for the rebel alliance. Little does he know that Bothan spies have found a flaw in his team… an exhaust port deep in the bows… I’m not leaving this sh*t to Lando Calrisian to take down.. I’m doing it myself! Let him destroy the weaker teams like Alderaan… I’ll be back for the rematch…he thinks the deflector shield is fully operational…but I’ve been down to Endor, me and the ewoks have devised the best bye plan known this side of Tattooine.  So what of this gratuitous star wars diatribe? Well all I mean to say is stick to your guns on the byes! The amateurs and n00bs may be flying past you now but come round 11 you’ll have the millennium falcon fixed and going into hyperspace and they will be stuck there in the outer rim wondering what just happened.

So that’s about it for this Sunday night. I’m in the mid 1900’s with a late Selwood out and a forward donut… but as Con the fruiters wife Marica used to say.. “i no complain”. What knee-jerk thoughts do you have so far about the round just passed? Any nominations for Legend, Chop, Clown or why this game sh*ts you? Get it down now before we get rational again in time for Tbettas bullets!

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