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Beasts Of The East – R4

The first ever: East v West DT Talk League Challenge has commenced in 2012. I’ve put together a side from the East while the marvel that is Tbetta has put together a side from the West. Hopefully both sides can manage to pull off a few mircales this year! Feel free to follow the contest on Twitter: #BeastsOfTheEast vs #WestIsBest. How does your league compare?

Don’t Poke The Beasts!




The year was 1990.  It was a cold June day at Subiaco.  21,987 rabid Western Australians were consuming can after can of that horrible Swan Lager beer (well in the West you can call cat’s piss beer).  They were waiting for the bounce of the Sherrin in the much anticipated State of Origin clash between Western Australia and The Mighty Big V.

A rag tag group of amateur footballers including dribblers plucked from the WAFL (sounds a lot like how @TBetta9 selected his squad #WestIsBest) were pitted against one of the finest selected Victorian sides of all times (@Aki_DT hand picked #BeastsFromTheEast).  Although The Sandgropers got off to a good start in that game and the raucous mob were up and about early, class soon prevailed and The Victorians ran out comfortable 37 point winners, 14.13 (97) to 8.12 (60).

I have been handed the reins for the #BeastsFromTheEast writing to give a quick update for the 13 or so other people that aren’t in these leagues who might find this little East vs West battle mildly interesting.

Ok.  Let me be clear from the start.  I might be considered a novice, an unknown in the DTTalk community.  I don’t write ‘First’ on writers post.  I don’t write angry retorts to those who write ‘Those people who write ‘First’ are moron’s blah blah blah. In fact I read the awesome articles that are provided for us all and get the hell back before I get trolled.  I love Dreamteam.  I love the game, the #FMDT moments.  There is nothing I would change.  Oh wait, I did pick Shaw and Broughton in my starting line up, I would changed that.  And I would tell Rockliff to pull his…….

So three weeks in and much to the surprise of many, #WestIsBest holds an early lead.  In fact they are giving our arses a rather solid whack with a leather covered bondage device of some kind…..@doutheez you should never have lent it to them mate!

After a few quick tweets during the week I have been given a few excuses, and a few reasons (also excuses) why some of our Dreamteam star coaches have been under performing.

Jay (ImpromptuSCE) spent the preseason spending his winnings from last years Supercoach win on some awesome software which was to deliver him the FJ Cruiser.  After seeing your team, the software looks like ‘Auto-fill’ Jay but hey buddy, we back you in to start smashing out 2300’s real soon.  1898 wasn’t a score that Jay will be happy with but more concerning was that it wasn’t our lowest score for the week.

That dubious honour went to Sam (Bucks Premiership) with an 1891.  More concerning than the previous more concerning is that Sam is still second overall on the #BeastsFromTheEast ladder!  What the frozen ferrets are the rest of us doing?  Sam has a good team but was hurt by Fyfe like a lot of others and will smash out a big score again this week.

Molly ( Hacks) is starting slow but has shown before that he does his best work from behind.  That is he likes to make a late charge and although Round 5 isn’t season over by any Luke Ball’s knee, Molly will be into it like a fat kid into a chocolate cake very soon.

The positives, and there weren’t many were Matt’s (McRath) solid 2071 which saw him clubhouse leader, Janine’s (B(r)ogan Power) 2043, Dave’s (Swoops Troops) 2058 and Rob’s (The Rainmen Cometh) 2050 good comeback after being told by @Aki_DT to start performing last week.

The rest of us scored in between 1930-1980 which in 2009 was a good weekly score, well it was for me back then anyway.

Our league is ranked 518th of 24235 and have scored a total of 103883 points with a 2039 average.  Janine is out top ranked coach 6272 overall so it isn’t surprising that we are a little bit off the pace to date.

She might have thought that she was missed in this write up but a special shout out to Dreamteams first lady Amanda (Team Flossy) who didn’t have Gazza as Captain last week. Oh that’s right; you don’t have him at all! TRADE TRADE TRADE

Oh I should’ve pointed out I can’t spell, am illiterate and illegitimate so go easy.

As Yazz sang, ‘The only way is up’










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