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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 4

Arggg me hearties, welcome back to the greatest DT captains advice in the land. Last week my top picks in Gazza (160pts) and Boyd (146pts) were unreal and this week we will see some guns smash out some BIG numbers… can you pick which ones? Good thing I can!

Mighty Gaz (I’m not 100% sold just yet)

Yes, the mighty Gaz. What an absolute legend and even more of a legend to those clever cats who followed my #1 pick last week and took his 160pts. Ew! If you didn’t take my #1 pick you might have run with Matthew Boyd (#2 pick) who was also brilliant with 146pts. At the end of the day all three of us walked away with the title of a legend after the weekend… so what about this week.

Gary Ablett this week will be selected by nearly all dream teams, but I do have my concerns… and before you jump on your high horse and carry on like a tool…. Read this.

Things I like about Gaz this week – Firstly, it has to his form. He is averaging 147 so far this year and is coming off a mammoth 160 last week. He is simply on fire. Another thing I like is that fact that Fremantle players scored 5×100+ scores on the Lions last week and you’d think Gaz is a sure thing to get amongst that!

Things I don’t like about Gaz this week – Ok… He only averages 105 on the Lions with scores of 106 (28d) and 84 (20d) on them in 2011. In both games he was tagged by Raines who actually does a good job on him. Last week, Raines tagged Hill and held him to just 42pts. Raines is a pure tagger, meaning he sacrifices his DT points to shut down the points of others (unlike Carrz etc…). Add to this, the game is at the GABBA where Gaz has averaged just 95 in his last 3 games there, all in 2011.

Verdict – As so many people will be going with Gaz, it’s hard to turn your back on him, especially after his 160 last week and his smashing form. For me, he’s locked and loaded and despite the above information, he should kill the Lions… but it’s worth knowing all the facts!

Why Don’t You Just Pick Ablett Every Week?

You can if you want … will you do that every single week? Even when we have premium guns against the Giants, Port, Demons or the Suns? If Gaz’s form drops? If you still answer ‘yes’ why are you in here reading this? C’mon… you are kidding yourself. Garry Ablett will not outscore everyone this week . Mark my words, and at the end of the day HE IS A SAFE OPTION CAUSE EVERYONE WILL GO HIM, but if you can pick who will beat him… you’ve got one up on about 48% of the competition. This might help…

After A ‘New Direction’ This Week?

Ah look at that, Calvin at his best in the Paint Shop work place. I’d like to welcome you to a new band I have put together… “NEW DIRECTION” and they’d like you to consider them this week if you are looking at a different or new direction away from Garry (if you dare).

Matthew Boyd – Great back up vocalist and a great DT player who is coming off a nice 146 last week. His record Vs the Demons is surprisingly poor with scores of 93 and 86 on them in his last 2. But after Richmond had 8×100+ scores on the Dees last week with Tuck (151) and Grigg (142) running a muck, you’d think Boyd will be awesome.

Sam Mitchell – Lead tambourinist and Western Australian specialist. Averages 129 at Patersons Stadium in his last 3 with scores of 100, 147 and 141. Then with an average against the Eagles of 139 in his last 3… he will be a ripper.

Scott Pendlebury – Not actually in the band this week, but a part of the back stage crew. After just 62 last week, he will bounce back in style against the Power this week. Had 120 and 121 on them in 2011 and will be around that mark again. Not bad for a guy behind the scenes.

Scott Thompson – Back-up Pianist (when Cox isn’t there) and has never played the Giants, but loves killing the dud teams. Had 135 on the Suns earlier this year with scores of 151 and 135 on them last year. He will be awesome against them this week despite only having a top score of 109 from his last 6 games at AAMI.

Dane Swan – Lead singer and the New Direction pin up boy for this week. Was labelled as being ‘heavy’ during the week and will have a very heavy score this week. With previous scores of 155, 137, 141 and 154 in his last 4 against Port he will go bananas this week. Plus, the game is Etihad where Swan averaged 133 there in 2011 (MCG avg. 114) with 3 of his 4 games being 128+. I’d nearly have Swan as my number 1 if his form was better… need those big numbers Dane.

Yeah.. those guys are worth a thought, but don’t get too cute. People last week ‘chased’ Watson and Stanton against the Suns or Cox against the Giants and it didn’t come off. Stick to what we know and to what the crowd will do… GAZZA all the way!

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