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Greatest Dream Team of All: Round 3

On the back of the non-success of the ‘Greatest’ series on, I will aim to reinvent and establish a new article: DTTalk’s own ‘Greatest Dream Team of All’. Taking into consideration DT form of players across the competition, a best 22 will be proposed; with things like value and price coming into play.

On the back of the non-success of the ‘Greatest’ series on, I will aim to reinvent and establish a new article: DTTalk’s own ‘Greatest Dream Team of All’. Taking into consideration DT form of players across the competition, a best 22 will be proposed; with things like value and price coming into play. Whilst the article shares the same name as its predecessor, these articles will be focus on players from a DT perspective (sorry Nick Maxwell). This is by no means a reflection of any player personally or on their playing style, just a pure expression of their DT awesomeness.

This week I’ve been forced to consider players based on value, more than just their past feats due largely to the price changes. Several players that have made the grade this round have displayed huge numbers, therefore simply cannot be ignored. Whether they be a one off, or the start of a breakout season; we can only speculate. But one thing cannot be denied – each of the 22 below have had a fantastic week.

NB: For the purposes of this article, the Salary Cap has been based on am increased figure taking into consideration a standard value increase across the competition of 5.9%.

I now give you McRath’s Round 3 Greatest Dream Team of All:


H. Scotland (CAR – $486,000) – One of several Blues to raise the bat on Friday night, Scotto accumulated 35 disposals and 8 marks for a handy 124 in the big win against Collingwood.

J. Gibson (HAW – $354,700) – Not usually suited to DT with his defensive mindset, Gibson had an incredible outing against Adelaide on the weekend – totalling 29 touches, including 21 kicks; as well as 15 marks. He finished with 151 points in a game out of the box. Don’t trade him in though as he’s unlikely to get those numbers very often.

P. Duffield (FRE – $352,600) – After shrugging off injury concerns during the week, the Duffman came out to be one of Freo’s best in their low-scoring win over the Lions on Saturday. Gathering 28d, 7m, 6t and a goal to register a game-high 117 points – Duffield looms as a great upgrade option with his role in defence likely to result in a high DT average.

S. Dempster (STK – $324,000) – Not one that would find himself in many teams at all, Dempster had a very DT friendly game against the Bulldogs at the weekend, finishing with 23 touches and 14 marks for a total of 127 points.

R. Conca (RIC – $303,400) – This weekend past Conca showed exactly why he was touted as a great mid price option in the preseason, with his 29 disposal, 8 mark, 2 Goal game gave his coaches a healthy 134 points for their loyalty.

T. Simpkin (STK – $197,900) – Saints youngster backed up his good score last week with another great score of 106, which he gained from his 20 disposal, 9 mark game against the Bulldogs.

T. Bugg (GWS – $176,000) – Tomas is proving to be a very handy player indeed, scoring another 93 at the weekend. His ability to find the ball in his seemingly effortless transition to top-flight football will serve him well as he looks to remain a staple in the young GWS side this year.

J. Hombsch (GWS –$150,200) finds himself here once again after his handy 75 at the weekend, whilst G. Horlin-Smith (GEE – $104,200) scored a solid 58 on debut.


G. Ablett (GCS – $584,500) – Golden Stubby favourite Ablett once again dominated with his 44 touches and 162 points against Essendon on Sunday. Now boasting an incredible average of 147, he is a must have this season as he looks to take back his mantle as the #1 DTer in the land.

M. Boyd (WB – $576,800) – Making his first appearance in the Greatest Team this week is the hard-headed Bulldogs ball magnet. His score of 146 gave many people an excellent option as captain in the absence of Ablett. Gathering 39 disposals in a losing team, Boyd was a rare shining light in an otherwise ordinary performance by the Dogs.

S. Selwood (WCE – $468,800) – Joining the team in a very unique midfield, Selwood is truly breaking out in 2012, scoring a career high 150 points v GWS. His score came from 31 touches, 10 marks and 9 tackles in a well-rounded display.

S. Grigg (RIC – $429,000) – Another of Richmond’s 2nd-tier midfielders to shine against the lowly Demons at the weekend, Grigg racked up 37 touches and 12 marks to register a huge 142 points.

J. Ziebell (NOR – $384,900) – Young gun JZ had a fruitfull return in R3 after serving his 2-game suspension, scoring 139 points from 37 disposals. His inclusion was timely as North went on to stun the reigning premiers by 17 points.

S. Tuck (RIC – $554,700) – Tuck’s 32 disposal, 11 tackles game on the weekend was a highlight that gave him a nice 146 points to get him selected in this week’s high performing midfield. Unlikely to see that much ball every week, he relished the chance to shine over fellow Tiger’s stars Brett Deledio, Dustin Martin and Trent Cotchin.

Koby Stevens (WCE – $104,200) burst onto the scene against the Giants in a perforformance giving him a handy 83 points in his first game for the year, whilst Saints 2nd-Gamer Jack Newnes (STK – 98,700) improved on his debut score to post 61 points.


H. McIntosh (NOR – $306,600) – HMac is starting to live up to his preseason hype as he turned in another 100+ score. This time he gathered 16d, 9m, 9 hitouts and 2.2 for 106 points as he excelled against the under-performing Cats.

S. Hampson (CAR – $285,000) – Had a fantastic game against the Magpies scoring 102 points rotating in the ruck and as a forward target with Kreuzer. The pair dominated the ruck against Jolly, with Hammer gaining 26 hitouts, 14 touches and also kicked 2 goals.

J. Redden (POR – $149,400) and O. Stephenson (GEE – $98,700) make up the ruck bench this week after their scores of 65 and 77 showed why they’re considered the best cash cows of the rucks (barring Giles).


M. Robinson (CAR – $459,800) – The hardnut midfielder scored a healthy 127 against the ‘Pies on Friday night from his 28 disposals, 8 marks and 7 tackles. He’s proving to be a great pickup for those you showed faith in him from R1.

S. Sidebottom (COL – $429,300) – Sidey topped the scoring for Collingwood at the weekend with 21 touches, 9 marks, 2 goals and 113 points. Largely know as a big game player, Sidebottom is establishing a great sense of consistency that is gold for dream teams.

B. Whitecross (HAW – $412,000) – Excelling in the absence of Hawks’ stalwart Luke Hodge, Whitey is building towards a breakout year as he showed again on the weekend what he is capable of. His 25 touches, 12 marks and a goal gave him a premium-esque 122 points as he tempts Fyfe owners to make the switch and jump on the bandwagon.

J. Waite (CAR – $381,600) – Waite also got in on the action at the MCG to post 108 points. He gatherd 17d (inc. 15 kicks), 10m and 3.1 goals. If he can stay fit and avoid suspension, he will ride the Blues’ success in 2012 and be a high scoring DT player.

S. Crameri (ESS – $370,900) – One of my preseason ‘Uniques’, Crameri was one of the few that truly excelled against the Suns, scoring 4.2 goals and 17 possessions. Like Waite, look for him to rise and fall with the success of the young Bombers team in 2012.

J. Howe (MEL – $334,000) – The only Demon’s player to perform well in the trouncing they received at the hands of Richmond on Saturday, Howe is a rising star in Melbourne’s ranks as he went on to score an outstanding 130 points from 23 touches, 12 marks and 2.1 goals.

C. Pearce (FRE – $314,700) – The injury-plagued Dockers midfielder played his best game for the year on the weekend for a return of 115. He gathered 23 touches and 3 goals in the low scoring affair against the Lions.

D. Smith (GWS – $180,800) had another productive day to score 87, whilst debutant A. Treloar (GWS – $104,200) had a great first game against West Coast to record 66 points.

Greatest Dream Team of All: Round 1

Scotland – 124
Gibson – 151
Duffield – 117
Dempster – 127
Conca – 134
Simpkin – 106
Bugg – 93
Ablett – 162
Boyd – 146
S. Selwood – 150
Grigg – 142
Ziebell – 139
Tuck – 146
McIntosh – 106
Hampson – 102
Robinson – 124
Sidebottom – 113
Whitecross – 122
Waite – 108
Crameri – 106
Howe – 130
Pearce – 115
Reserves – Hombsch (75), Horlin-Smith (58), Stevens (83), Newnes (61), Redden (65), Stephenson (77), D. Smith (87), Treloar (66).

Total Score from starting 22: 2832 (with Ablett as Captain)

Cash Remaining in Salary Cap: $24,900 (based on adjusted cap of $9,300,000)

Honourbable Mentions

B. Goddard (STK, DEF/MID – $488,400) – 112

B. Deledio (RIC, DEF/MID – $469,300) – 111

G. Broughton (FRE, DEF – $399,900) – 109

M. Murphy (CAR, MID – $553,400) – 139

C. Ward (GWS, MID – $435,900) – 136

B. Gibbs (CAR, MID – $504,800) – 129

J. Roughead (HAW, FWD/RUC – $414,600) – 110

L. Franklin (HAW, FWD– $497,900) – 118

B. Harvey (NOR, MID/FWD– $440,400) – 111

Stay tuned for our next instalment in the ‘Greatest’ series in the coming weeks. In the mean time – feel free to speculate with your own Greatest team in the comments.

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