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Very Last Leagues Released: Popular Rooks

Yes, this is actually it. The very last leagues we will be releasing for 2012. Fill up you final spot with a DT TALK league named after some popular rookies we have in our teams. Once they are all gone – that’s all folks.

Very very last chance to grab yourself a DT TALK League is here and these will go in minutes. If you have a league spot left, fill it right now with some of the popular rookies we all have in your teams this year.

DT TALK Magner – 656582
DT TALK Neale – 523066
DT TALK Ellis – 653120
DT TALK Morris – 910475
DT TALK Bugg – 978082
DT TALK Kennedy – 262554
DT TALK Giles – 648679
DT TALK Coniglio – 155121
DT TALK Shiel – 609324
DT TALK Stephenson – 833474
DT TALK Redden – 595695
DT TALK Smith – 772458
DT TALK Dickson – 624068
DT TALK Gibson – 454230
DT TALK Zorko – 843861
DT TALK Couch – 227546
DT TALK Wingard – 944395
DT TALK Pfeiffer – 547138

Once again, thanks for your support and good luck fot the 2012 season.





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