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Partial Lockout and the Loophole

Calvin, the self proclaimed discoverer of the AFL Dream Team Loophole, has a look at how it will work this year now that Captains and Vice Captains are automatically selected for us. He also runs through the dates and times for the partial lockouts to make sure you are on track to have your team sorted as well as it can be this year!

Partial Lockout

Great invention! This allows us to pick the best possible Dream Team we can, based on as much information as we can get.

So we have a Dual Partial Lockout this year and what this means is… After Saturday Night’s opening game, all the GWS and Swans players will be locked into your team to start the year. The rest of your team will be left ‘free’ so you can move them around as you please, trading them in and out as you have done since the competition opened. So make sure you have the right people from Sydney and GWS ready to go before they are locked in! This allows us to select the right people next week once all the other teams are announced. The second partial lockout is on Thursday night when the Carlton and Richmond players are locked in. Full lockout goes into effect on Friday evening. The times (all AEDT) are listed below.

7:20pm Saturday 24th March
All the GWS and Swans players are LOCKED at the opening bounce.
7:45pm Thursday 29th March
Now all the Richmond and Carlton players are LOCKED as well.
7:50pm Friday 30th March (Hawthorn Vs Collingwood)
EVERY PLAYER is locked when this game starts until the round is fully completed.

The Loop Hole

Is a chance for you to have a double crack at picking a Captain in weeks where there are Partial Lock-outs.

The only way you can do this is in 2012, is by having a player who IS NOT playing. This might be someone like James Magner  (if he’s not named) who dislocated his finger a week or two back. He will play at some point so you might pick him to be ready for that day he returns.

This is what you do if you DON’T have a player playing and you want to have a crack at this Loop Hole (trade mark of DT TALK).

1) Pick a player from either the 24th or 29th game to be your VC (Goodes, Marc).
2) If he scores 170pts and you are happy with this, put the ‘C’ on a guy who is NOT playing so Goodes’ score stays and replaces the 0 scored by your captain.
3) If he scores 50pts and you don’t like it, carry on like you normal would and pick Swan, Ablett or Pendles for example after reading Calvin’s Captains next week.

Should I pick Goodes as my outright captain?

Great question. He should kill the Giants. He should score 140+. But for now I’m saying be patient. Goodes is renowned for his slow starts. In Rd. 1 last year he scored 76pts on Melbourne and the year before that he managed 86pts on the Saints which is his highest score in an opening round in the last 5 years. I’m sure Goodesy will still be awesome, but be patient and wait for your big boys to play next week who you paid top dollar for. Give him the VC – and see what happens!

There you go… it’s pretty simple really but if you’re confused because you’re a little simple. Keep it simple and just pick a captain as you usually would.

Calvin’s Captains will be back in full flight next Wednesday night so in the mean time… Follow me on twitter for all the goss – @CalvinDT





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