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Sydney Swans: AFL Dream Team Picks

Rainman gives us his 5 Swans that he has on his watchlist. They play in the first game of the year and will be among the first locked in players in our Dream Team (with the Giants). Which Sydney Swans are currently on your AFL Dream Team watchlist?

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

Rainmans’s five from the Swans

1. Adam Goodes (FWD/MID) $491,000

When looking at the Swans, there is one name that jumps out, and that is the dual brownlow medallist. I have had Goodes in my team generally as an upgrade every year. You know exactly what you will get, and that is normally a 90-100 average. It is well documented that he always finishes well, but the swans have a very juicy start to the year (5 games at the SCG, plus games against GWS and Port) plus Hawthorn (ave 101) and Doggies (ave 102). Should you have him… yes you should.

2. Gary Rohan (FWD) $226,800

When is this guy going to live up to his potential? Comes with a very juicy price tag and those with big enough aggots will take the punt. Has shown some impressive yet patchy moments in NAB. TKOL threw his name around about 4 weeks ago and people have started to now take him seriously. My strict no Ranga policy means that he won’t be gracing my team unfortunately.

3. Shane Mumford (RUC) $452,000

The big Mummy, he is an enormous unit, he once downed 20 sausages at a BBQ. I have a feeling that Mummy could explode this year (no not in a fat way). Mummy gets a lot of hit outs and lays lots of tackles, he is not in the Cox mould and will rarely sneak forward to kick goals, but is always in the thick of it. As above with Goodes, the Swans draw looks good and he will monster some of the young undersized ruckman, note early games against GWS, PA and Richmond, none of which have big bodied ruckman. If you are going the 2 gun ruck strategy, it is between Mcevoy and Mummy to partner with Cox.

4. Nick Malceski (DEF) $329,300

My feelings for “Old China Knees” are well documented, but he has shown some nice form in the NAB… and just maybe the rubberbands, staples and cling wrap will hold together long enough for him to live up to the potential that we all know that he has. I actually really like Mal and think that he may well prove me wrong this year. He is one of a plethora of mid price defenders that might just step up this year. One of them will, but which one will it be?

5. Harry Cunningham (MID) $85,800

I admit I knew nothing about this guy until a couple of weeks ago when he started to put some impressive numbers on the board. The 18 year old is being talked up as a very good chance of being a starter for the Swannies in round 1, with Alex Brown likely to be placed on the LTI, meaning elevation for Harry. Longmire gave him a run with role on Boomer a couple of weeks ago and was happy with the result. If you are looking for a unique rook who should get games early, you could do worse than look at harry.

OTHERS ON THE WATCHLIST: For so many years the Swans have been about as DT relevant as a smother and due to their defensive game style I can’t see that changing greatly. Some other swans that I am hearing talked up at the moment are Kieren Jack (MID $387,400) definitely unique but cant see him averaging over 85. Josh Kennedy (MID $428,100) if he was DPP I would pick him in a heartbeat, really like the kid, but I have already picked my mid smokie…sorry Josh! Big things are hoped for Barry’s son young Tom Mitchell (MID $98,700) but knee tendonitis means that he wont be cherry ripe early but will be a nice downgrade target as the season progresses.

There you have it the Swannies that I have on my radar.. Who are you picking?

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