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Port Adelaide Power: AFL Dream Team Picks

Dunny gives us his 5 Power players that he has on his watchlist. While Port Adelaide are the butt of many Dream Team coaches jokes, there is some value on their list. Which Port Adelaide Power players are currently on your AFL Dream Team watchlist?

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

Dunny’s Five from the Power

Whilst they may not be the best team going around, there is certainly a lot of value to be had from a DT stance in the Power this year.

1. Robbie Gray (MID/FWD), $402,000

Robbie has been the bone of contention for a number of DT Coaches.  However, he finally appears to be really living up to all the hype.  Last year he managed to stay healthy and play all 22 games and averate a solid 81.  However, his back half of netted 5 tons with 4 of those being in losing sides.  Another part of his game that is bright is his tackling, he averaged nearly 4 tackles a game last year, however over the last 9 weeks of the year this average was 5.8!  This year he will be spending a lot more time in the midfield and when not on the ball he is usuall resting up forward, where he is a proven goalkicker (32 last year).  The only thing going against him from a DT perspective is his awkward price.  If it weren’t for that, I am sure he would be considered in a lot more teams.

2. John McCarthy (MID), $251,000

After coming across from Collingwood when everyone (including himself) thought he was going to Richmond, JMac has been on fire and is doing everything he can to cement himself inside the centre square at Alberton.  His NAB form has been nothing short of impressive.  In the two “normal” games he has a 99 and a 64, but remmber that 64 came in only a half of footy v Freo.  I think he will be a surprise packet and could really score well.  Check out where he fits into the rotations and where he spends most of his time vs Melb tonight and I think if it is in the Mids and he gets 80+ in a full game I think you have to seriously consider him for your M4/5 slot where you may currently have Masten or Lucas.

3. Chad Wingard (MID), $157,200

The number 6 pick at last years draft has done absolutely everything he can to cement his spot inside the Power’s 22, and should be a chance to get a spot inside your DT.  This kid will get games.  Matty Primus proved last year that he is keen to play the kids and get a side to develop together over time.  Wingard has spent a lot of time rotating through the middle and he has been seeing plenty of the ball.  Whilst he is still a rookie, being the number 6 pick, he does come at a premium.  The question for you is do you see enough return over those cheaper rookies that will see you want to pick Chad.

4. Jarrad Redden (RUC), $104,200

Before the NAB season started, I had this guy pegged as the 3rd string ruckman at the Power.  I saw him live in the Semi Finals of the SANFL last year (where his side knocked my local side out) and watched him on tv in the GF and he looked like a handy player, but not quite up to AFL standard.  What a difference a summer can make!  With Lobbe out injured and Renouf having a very light on pre season, Redden has found himself elevated to the number 1 option in the ruck.  His performance against the great Big Cox in the second week of the NAB was nothing short of outstanding where he racked up 84 points on the back of 13 disposals, 6 tackles and 25 hitouts.  He should be one guy that you are most certainly considering for your R3 position.

5. Brad Ebert (MID), $308,100

After coming back home to Port Adelaide, Brad Ebert has done everything he can to get himself a permanent role in the midfield at Port.  He is a former #13 pick in the national draft and is only 21.  He has had an up and down career at West Coast but did play 22 games in both 2010 and 2011 but 5 of those in 2011 were vest affected.  This won’t happen at Port.  In such a young and developing team, he will be one of the midfield leaders and will spend a lot of time in that midfield.  He has a great K to H ratio and from what I have seen in the NAB he is going to get used prolifically as a bit of an outside midfielder.  This could really be a breakout year for him, the only issue is his awkward price.

Other guys of note

Domenic Cassisi (MID) $439k is a tackling machine, for two years in a row he was the second best tackler in the league behind Captain Kirk.  Just not getting the 100 average that he needs to be in your midfield.  Hamish Hartlett (MID) $435,900 is a gun, he will break out, he just has to do it before his body breaks again!  Seriously though, I think that he will be fine this year.  He has incredible skills, I just want to see a bit more for that price tag.  Travis Boak(MID), $426k will be the next Power Captain, but at that very awkward price, I think there are better DT options.  Ben Jacobs (DEF), $297,200 is going to be a key member of the Power Defense, but with Danyle Pearce, Ben won’t have that sweeper role that he needs to rack up the points.  Darren Pfeiffer is another that is hot on the lips of all DT people, but I am just not sold on him.  Will be very interested to see how he pans out tonight.  I can see him wearing a vest a fair bit given that he is a bit of a versatile guy, I just see too many others in front of him. 


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