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Geelong Cats: AFL Dream Team Picks

Amanda (Dream Teams First Lady) gives us her 5 Cats that she has on her watchlist. Most of the coaches out there probably won’t take advice from a girl… but Amanda has been a very solid DT performer for years! She knows her stuff! Which Geelong Cats are currently on your AFL Dream Team watchlist?

This series of ‘club preview’ posts are written by DT TALK regular contributors choosing their 5 players they have on their watchlist from the respective club. These aren’t who we think will be the top 5 highest scoring players… and are not necessarily in order. They are just our opinions of the 5 players who we have on our watchlist heading into the 2012 season.

Amanda’s five from the Cats

I know most of you wouldn’t dare take DT advice from your missus, but i’d like to think I know what I’m on about.

1. Joel Selwood (MID),  $540,600

Not only is Selwood the new Geelong captain, but this year he could well be the go to captain for many DT coaches. Pushing an average of almost 110 last year, Selwood could push that closer to 120 this year and have us asking the question “Ablett, Swan or Selwood?” when it comes to our captain selection each week. At 23yrs old he can only improve from his already impressive standing in the competition. He is worth every single cent.  Lock.

2. Joel Corey (MID),  $456,900

I know we are all spoilt for choice when it comes to quality midfielders, but take the time to really consider Corey. Yes he’s just turned 30, but he is by no means over and done with. While his average of 92.4 last year wasn’t earth shattering, he has the potential to push out those 100+ scores this year.  If you want consistency well here it is. Very fairly priced for that you’ll get out of him.

3. Orren Stephenson (RUC) $98,700

It should come as no surprise that Big O is in my top 5 cats to watch. Long gone are the days of your 4th ruck being a dummy pick; with the byes and current trends in resting players you simply cannot afford to waste any of your 30 selections. If you’re going with the 1-3 ruck structure this year, Orren must be in there. Geelong’s ruck stocks are severely limited until atleast midyear, when Simpson and Vardy will come off the injury list. If Vardy returns at all, he’ll be wrapped in cotton wool for ages and Simpson is still a bit of an unknown quantity.  If the big O proves his worth early on, he’ll be in all year. A must have.

4. Simon Hogan (MID) $133,600

Hogan looms as the surprise packet of the cats this year. Got a sniff of senior action last year and judging by his impressive showing during the NAB cup he’s sure to get more of a look in this year. Granted we don’t know much about him yet, but at $133,600 he could be an absolute steal. There are a lot of spots up for grabs at Geelong this year and Hogan looks like snaring one of them. As Freako stated in his newsletter last week, Hogan looks like the perfect candidate to take over Cameron Ling’s tagging role.  Look for him to average 60+.

5. Allen Christensen (FWD/MID) $338,800

The first thing that jumps out at me about Christensen is his DPP status. We all know how handy this can be! Christensen is a gun. He had an amazing debut season last year, with a tidy average of 68.5. He is an excitement machine and I’m tipping him to become the next Stevie J. I believe his average will increase substantially this year and with his freakish ability around goal, don’t be surprised to see him smash out a few 100’s here and there.

OTHERS ON THE WATCHLIST: Corey Enright (DEF $454,600) just keeps on keeping on. Not as obvious a selection as Heath Shaw or Brendon Goddard, but he still has the goods and is a worthy selection. Smedts (DEF/FWD $104,200) and Horlin-Smith (FWD $104,200) are two young guys who have got the DT world talking with their NAB cup performances. No doubting the skill of these two, it’s just their job security I’d be wary of. Remember that Geelong haven’t played more than 12 of their premiership team from last year in any of the NAB cup games so far. Cameron Guthrie (DEF $150,400) is another name being thrown about and could be a really cheap 7th member of your backline, or at the very least a decent cash cow.

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