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Giants v Suns NAB Cup Review

Our mate Sammy (aka McFly) got along to see the Giants win their first AFL game today at Albury. He took some notes for us DT addicts to have a look at in helping us select our teams. Thanks heaps for sending this in Sammy… and if anyone else gets to non-televised games, feel free to send in your reviews!

To the prestigious DTTALK team,

After watching the GWS vs Gold Coast game live I have picked up on a few things. From a general and DT tense.

1. The Giants have an incredibly versatile squad, and you can safely pick from about 10 rookies knowing they’ll play most games this year.

2. The Rugby League boys are going to be better than everyone expected. Still not DT relevant in my eyes but could be a very good unique if you’re lucky.

3. Dylan Shiel won’t play round 1, I’m calling it now. We haven’t seen him yet and the way Toby Greene, Liam Sumner, Miles, Clifton, (and with Dev Smith coming) back played today I doubt there is a spot left in the middle for him.

4. Josh Caddy scored 60 points in under a half of football, be cautious playing him could well be the super sub.

5. Tim (the lumberjack) Mohr and Phil Davis are going to carry the Giants defence this year, despite the price I think Davis is the better buy out of them, He scored 51 in a half by being the link man in defence. They looked for him at every opportunity and he looks like the right man to be captain.  Plus Tommy Bugg can play at either end. Not much ball today for him but you notice him when he gets the ball as he does something with it and actually hits targets.

6. If Jeremy Cameron was in last years draft, he would have been number 1. That kid is going to be an absolute superstar. Will average 60+ get on him.

7. There is great value in the likes of Ward, Palmer, Cornes and Sam Reid, though the latter looks like he is going to be getting the oppositions best each week

8. David Swallow will win a Brownlow medal one day. First picked in my team next year.

9. The Giants gameplan I feel is similar to that of Fremantle circa 2010, focusing on the big men, i.e Giles, Folau,  When Giles was on the ground they always looked for him. and he is a very big boy, plus crowd favourite.

10. Expect all the young Giants to get game time this year.  Some may get one game, some may get 20 but they will all play. So don’t get worked up about people missing strings of games,  I think Devon Smith, Folau, Clifton, Conigilio, Tyson, Hoskin-Elliot, Bugg, Darley and Curtly Hampton are your best bets.

Thanks for this Amazing opportunity, Love Sammy a.k.a McFly.





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