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Warnie’s NAB Cup Hype Dream Team 2012: Round 1

We’ve seen all of the teams play across the first round of the NAB Cup so I thought it was a good time to chuck up a NAB Cup Hype Dream Team that can get people talking. This features players who might have had some good games over the first couple of weeks, but more importantly, players on our respective radars. Enjoy!

So after my last sample team I posted copped a bit of flack (thanks for the feedback, haha… didn’t really take Einstein to work out that it really wasn’t what I was thinking about my ‘real’ team this year)… I thought it was time to chuck up a team that is a bit of a hype team after the first round on the NAB Cup. A team ‘mostly’ made up of players who smashed it during the last couple of weekends whilst playing that Mickey Mouse tri-series.

Anyway, the premise is pretty simple… I’ve picked a team – under the salary cap – which can be a bit of a guide of players that people have got a little excited about over the last couple of weeks. There are definitely players that aren’t in this team that you would pick, but that’s not the purpose of it. Also, no thought has been put into the byes.

Warnie's NAB Cup Hype AFL Dream Team 2012: Round 1

It has a bit of a Guns N Rookies feel to it, but not completely as there are a few mid-pricers in there. At worst, there are 13 keepers… 14 if we count Rory Sloane as a keeper (plus Howard or Hargrave might be backline keepers if their NAB form can translate to the season proper).

I’ve gone with the popular 1 gun, 3 rookie rucks formation after the awesome effort by Jonathon Giles in the first weekend, earning himself a starting spot on my ground. Dean Cox is there as he was so good in the ‘mini-derby’.

I don’t think I like the line-up in defence, but it could work. The defender position can be so sporadic… so mid-price/rookies can work there if it is anything like last season.

The three guns in the midfield will be awesome and had fantastic games in NAB Rd 1… I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a bit of a structure some people go for. 3 guns and 3 rookies on the ground might be a winner with a lot if all of the midfielder rookies come through early on.

The forwards is stacked – which might be how I go come Round 1 – and features plenty of Dual Position Players.

Below is the team with NAB Cup scoring for Round 1.

NAB Cup Scoring for Round 1, 2012

Alrighty then, that’s it… have fun commenting on the terrible structure and the players you don’t think should be there. This is just a guide with guys who have popped up on the radar of many coaches over the last couple of weeks.






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