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My Team 2012: Version 3.0

Now that AFL Dream Team is officially open for 2012, it’s time for a new “My Team” post for you to talk about your team and any other player selection problems you are having. Comment away!

Finally AFL Dream Team 2012 is open!

This means we can now officially start making our teams ready for the new season. This here is the post where you can comment on your own team, help others out, ask random questions, etc. Make sure it isn’t completely a ‘me, me, me’ place to be… offer up advice for those who are playing the game and visiting our site. Remember, you may not agree with someone, but you don’t have to make it personal!

Make everyone’s life easy by posting your team in an easy to read format! There is nothing worse than seeing it all over the place. Here is a suggested way to post it up.

TEAM NAME: Warne Dawgs
DEF: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
MID: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
RUC: A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
FWD: A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player, A. Player (A. Player, A. Player)
CASH LEFT: $9,999

Remember, there is a link to this post on the sidebar so you don’t lose it! Happy Dream Teaming!



  1. Ginger ninja

    February 7, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    hey guys, i am selling robbie gray,

    and have four rookies in the squad. zorko, walsh, cameron, and treloar.
    who do i bring in for gray to upgrade one of these four? and which of the four?

    • kelonwheels

      February 7, 2012 at 8:35 pm

      that’s a confusing question but if i got even close to understanding then: i reckon bring in viv michie for robbie gray then trade viv michie for someone better than robbie gray

  2. Rayo

    February 7, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    Wow this forum is loving the Robbo Dusty Zaha Sidey combos in the forward line! I hope we have got it right!

  3. Luke

    February 7, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    1st post my team is Ollie’s Heroes
    Backs: Scotland Goddard Deledio Clarke Ellis Darley Morris (Bews Wilkes)
    Mids: Swan Boyd Mitchell Thompson Smith Shiel (Miles Kavanagh)
    Rucks: Goldstein Mumford (Maric Derrickx)
    Forwards: Franklin Cloke Robinson Johnson Adams Saad Smedts ( Crozier Roberts)
    $410600 left!


    • Vich

      February 8, 2012 at 4:02 am

      you unit

  4. Riley

    February 8, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    My Team


    Goddard,Deledio,Shaw,Grimes,Lake,Clarke,Mohr Subs: B Ellis, L Brown

    Ablett,Selwood,Barlow,Hayes,Colingo,Docherty Subs: Sheil, T Mitchell

    Sandilands,Giles Subs: Mcintosh, Stephenson

    Franklen,Robinson,Martin,Lecras,N Riewoldt,Cristenson,Cameron Subs: Zorko,Trelor

    Left over 75,100

  5. hawkers2012!!

    February 15, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    My team:
    Def: Goddard, Deledio, Birchall, Heppell, Mckernan, Clarke, Ellis (Smedts, Bugg)
    Mid: Gablett, Swan, Mitchell, Barlow, Hayes, Shiel (Miles, Brown)
    Ruck: Goldstein, Giles (Rowe, Stephenson)
    Fow: Franklin, Goodes, Martin, Lecras, Gunston, Saad, Treloar (Zorko, Hampton)

    • hawkers2012!!

      February 15, 2012 at 4:26 pm

      Scratched that team. Dont worry

  6. Zoostar84

    February 19, 2012 at 12:13 am

    This was my team soon after DT opened

    TEAM NAME: Whatagreatteam
    DEF: B. Goddard, C. Enright, B. Deledio, G. Broughton, J. Geary, M. Clarke, J. Hombsch (N. Blee, B. Wilkes)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, J. Selwood, B. Gibbs, S. Coniglio, C. Wingard (D. Zorko, L. Brown)
    RUC: D. Cox, M. Leuenberger (J. Giles, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: T. Cloke, M. Pavlich, D. Martin, A. McQualter, J. Porplyzia, S. Byrnes, D. Pfeiffer (N. Heyne, M. Lynch)
    CASH LEFT: $63,000

    After reading thoroughly through AFL Prosepctus I have changd my side.
    It now looks like

    TEAM NAME: Whatagreatteam
    DEF: H. Scotland, B. Goddard, B. Deledio, T. Armstrong, M. Clarke, T. Gillies, S. Morris (S. Darley, N. Blee)
    MID: S. Pendlebury, J. Selwood, S. Thompson, B. Gibbs, K. Horsely, A. Miles (D. Zorko, L. Brown)
    RUC: D. Cox, M. Leuenberger (J. Giles, O. Stephenson)
    FWD: A. Goodes, D. Zaharakis, D. Martin, S. Sidebottom, J. Watts, D. Pfeiffer, A. Saad (C. Hampton, T. Walsh)
    CASH LEFT: $57,100

    I have chosen Midfielder/Forward D. Zorko (Brisbane) $104,200 on my midfield bench to allow him to substitute with forwards that have DPP.
    I have chosen Midfielder/Defender L. Brown (Adeleaide) $98,700 for the same reason with the defenders.
    From what I understand this would not be needed when trading players, but would come in handy to avoid a donut during the season without using a trade.

    A couple of unique players I have chosen

    Defender T. Gillies (Geelong) $138,500
    22 year old entering his 4th season.
    Was talked about being traded, but the Cats held onto him.
    Only 2 games in 2011, but with Milburn retiring there is room in the side.
    Plays for a high scoring DT team.

    Midfielder/Forward D. Zaharakis (Essendon) $443,200
    22 year old entering his 4th season.
    Has DPP.
    Durable, missed only 2 games in the past 2 seasons and played all 22 games last year.
    Averaged 24 disposals from rd 13 last year when played in the midfield.

    Forward J.Watts (Melbourne) $359,300
    2008 Number 1 Draft Pick entering his 4th season.
    Another pre season makes him fitter and stronger for his 196cm frame.
    Played all 22 games last year.
    With the addition of M. Clark this may allow him to play further up the ground.
    Also, won’t be number 1 key forward when he does play forward.
    Melbourne have the easiest draw.

    Also, what are your thoughts on Deledio? Are you goin to start with him if he plays 1-2 NAB cup matches? He may be eased into the season (subbed off during early regular season games?) and moved into the midfield as he improves fitness.

    Have you chosen a similar team? or have any thoughts please reply

  7. Gopies

    February 21, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    team name gopies




    devon smith

    9000 left
    what do u think so far????

  8. mitchell cribb

    March 1, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    hey guys

    team name : fremantle dockers

    backs: goddard.delidio, sukling, adcock, smedts, ellis, clarke
    res: wilkes, brown

    mids: swan boyd, ablett, thomas, hayes, magner
    res: shiel, kerridge

    rucks; sanidlands, giles
    res: stephenson, derickx

    forwards : franklin fyfe, martin, sidebottom, rioli, saad, hall
    res: walsh, rowe

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