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Richmond Tigers 2012 DT Preview

The year that was 2011 saw the Tigers continue their ‘development’ of their younger core group of players under coach Damien Hardwick, but in saying that, they still finished 12th with 8 wins, 13 losses, and a draw. Tigesboy13 looks at who we should have on our radar down at Punt Road for our 2012 AFL Dream Teams.

The year that was 2011 saw the Tigers continue their ‘development’ of their younger core group of players under coach Damien Hardwick, but in saying that, they still finished 12th with 8 wins, 13 losses, and a draw. Down at Punt Rd there are high expectations for 2012 and realistically they should be able to climb the ladder, only time will tell how far that climb will be (if at all). The Tigers were somewhat up and about during trade week; with their main deal securing big man Ivan Milat as he jumped the Crow’s ship looking for more opportunities. Steven Morris was the other deal struck, a mature ager also coming across from the city of churches via GWS. He should play upwards of 15 games barring injury this season in my opinion – clubs don’t trade in the older boys for no reason.

BEST 22:

B: B.Ellis – A.Rance – C.Newman
HB: B.Houli – D.Grimes – S.Grigg
C: B.Deledio – D.Jackson – N.Foley
HF: R.Conca – T.Vickery – S.Edwards
F: J.King – J.Riewoldt – R.Nahas
R: I.Maric – T.Cotchin – D.Martin

INT: S.Morris J.Batchelor D.Connors S.Tuck

EMG: B.Helbig M.Dea L.McGuane

The Draw:

The Tigers have a tough start to 2012, having to play 4 of the top 5 teams (Carlton, Collingwood, Geelong, West Coast) from 2011 in the first 5 rounds. Ouch! And it gets worse. By the time the yellow and black finish their Rnd 10 game against St. Kilda, they will have played every top 8 team from last year – for the mathematically challenged out there like myself, that’s 8 out of their first 10 games!

They share the Rnd 13 bye with only 2 DT relevant teams in Carlton & Hawthorn (some may say St. Kilda as well) so there should be some room on the bench for any Tiges you might choose to go with, except for the backline pine.
The potential for upgrades to any tigers after the bye looks tasty, as they only play Carlton (for the 2nd time) from last year’s top 8, and get to feast on Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Melbourne & Essendon all for the second time. Another positive is that they only travel out of Victoria on 6 occasions during the 2012 season.


Brett Deledio – DEF/MID – $452,100 – 2011 Av. 91.4
The dual Jack Dyer Medallist has been in every serious DTers backline for the past 4 or 5 years, and should be there again in 2012. There is always pre-season hype about players and how they’re going, and from all reports Lids is as fit as any and also earmarked for more midfield time this season. With the recruitment of other running backs over the past few years including Grigg, Houli, Ellis & Morris, it frees up Deledio to move into the guts. Since 2008 he has averaged 97.5, 96, 89.4 and 91.4. Add to this the durability of only missing 3 games since his debut in 2005 and here you have the ultimate DT backman that should average 95 minimum! Lock him in!

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? 100%

Bachar Houli – DEF – $415,300 – 2011 Av. 84

Some might be surprised to see Bachar in here, but it is fact he is Richmond’s second best backman in DT terms. He was recruited from Essendon at the end of the 2010 season to add more run out of the backline and to free up the man above. For the first time in his career he played all 22 games last year at an average of 84 – but this was as midfielder status. Obviously you wouldn’t touch him there, but he is now classed as a defender and looms as a bit of a smokey for someone looking to go unique. As the tigers get better he should see more of the ball as he plays that quarter back role and with scores of 114, 116, 115, 127 and 118 last year, it shows he is capable of going big on occasions.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? Probably not because of the Rnd 13 bye for backman, and the fact lids will be there.


Trent Cotchin – MID – $463,400 – 2011 Av. 93.7

The next captain of the Tigers had his most consistent year in 2011, both DT and career wise. He played all 22 games, won the Jack Dyer Medal, and averaged 93.7 (up from 74 in 2010). With a full pre-season under his belt he should be raring to go by Rnd 1 for the first time in his career. This bloke will win a Brownlow one day, but can he improve his scoring output to be part of the elite? He had 10 scores over 100 last year but when he is bad, he’s really bad with 7 scores under 80. As he matures he should become more consistent in this area, but the awkward price tag and Barlow 40k cheaper may see him out of contention for this year.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? If he’s pushing out 100’s in the NAB, maybe…

Shane Edwards – MID – $307,200 – 2011 Av. 62.1

I could not find another decent midfielder from the Tigers to put in here, so I’ve gone with a real smokey. If anyone is going for a Mid-price Mayhem team, Shane Edwards could be your man. From all reports he is tearing up the track and has put on 4 or so kilos. He has only missed 2 games in the last 2 years and if he gets more midfield time he could have a breakout year as the Tigers improve. Definitely offers something out of left field.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? No, awkward price and not showing enough potential at the moment.


Ivan Maric – RUCK – $262,700 – 2011 Av. 59

The solution to Richmond’s ruck problems, apparently. Big Ivan was recruited from Adelaide after playing 74 games and averaging 55 DT points over his career at the crows. The 25 yr old will almost certainly take over the #1 ruck spot at Punt Rd, as Graham and Browne are putrid. Last year in the SANFL he averaged just over 10 possessions, 3 mark, 20 hit outs and a goal from his 13 games. If you’re low on cash he could be a very viable selection in your side. Watch him in the NAB.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? High possibility – new club, 25 years old when ruckmen start to flourish, will definitely have the #1 spot.


Dustin Don’t Argue Martin – MID/FWD – $442,500 – 2011 Av. 89.4

The huge unit has better stats at the age of 20 than Chris Judd had. But that’s not why every DTer on this site will have him in their teams. It’s because of many reasons; it may be easier to put them in dot points:

  • He is about to start his famous 3rd year in the system.
  • His average has increased from 71.4, to 89.4 in his first 2 years– the graph is heading in the skyward direction.
  • He kicks goals – 33 in 2011 as a midfielder
  • His 141 last year tells us both his ceiling and potential are huge.
  • This year he is leaner and fitter than ever before, ready to explode.
  • He has played 43 of a possible 44 games in his career.
  • And finally, possibly the most important reason, he is a MID/FWD, so he will slot perfectly as your 2nd or 3rd forward and not take up one of those precious midfield spots.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? ABSOLUTELY, 100%, the man is a jet and should be a LOCK for all teams!

Tyrone Vickery – FWD – $323,100 – 2011 Av. 65.3

Vicks is my big call this year, I think he will have a super breakout, and I’m going to go out on a debatable limb and say he’ll average 90. Including the 9 games in his debut year, this will be Vickery’s 4th year in the system, a good time for big men like himself. He took his average from 41.4 (2010) to 65.3 in 2011 and with an improving midfield and trying to be not so Riewoldt conscious, I can see this rising in the same pattern. He played all 22 games last year and has well and truly cemented his spot at CHF for the Tigers. At the end of 2011 he pushed out a few 80’s, but more importantly, started to look a real force at CHF. As I said it’s a huge call but one worth considering.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? 50/50 at this stage, if he can show  potential in the NAB cup then he’s a chance.


Brandon Ellis – DEF – $116,700 – Pick #15 National Draft

The Tigers first pick in the National Draft, the well built defender reads the play very well. Represented Vic Metro at the NAB AFL U18 Championships and showed his potential with 29 disposals against NSW/ACT. He averaged 18.2 disposals at TAC Cup level. He should play 15+ games in my opinion, especially with Deledio moving into the midfield. Also smashing out the pre-season (like everyone else).

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? Perfect for a rookie spot in the backline, possibly starting on the green stuff.

Todd Elton – FWD – $98,700 – Pick #26 National Draft

Drafted at #26 in the National Draft, Todd Elton is 197cm/92kg and has the ability to cleanly gather the ball below his knees and dispose effectively. He recorded 2.93 seconds in the 20m sprint and 89cm in the running vertical jump test, placing him in the top 1 per cent at the NAB AFL Draft Combine. Could see games later in the year as the 3rd tall in Richmond’s forward line

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? Possible downgrade target, but generally big men take longer to develop.

Matthew Arnot – MID – $98,700 – Pick #55 National Draft

Recruited from losing grand final side Oakliegh Chargers in the TAC Cup Arnot is a nuggety left-footed midfielder/back flanker, He averaged 10.8 kicks, 8.4 Handballs, 3.5 marks and an impressive 5.45 tackles in 2011 over 20 games in the TAC cup. Watch his role (if any) during the NAB Cup.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? If he gets a game early and keeps tackling like a mad-man, will consider.

Steven Morris – MID – $104,200 – 2011 SANFL DT Av. 65

The Back Pocket in the SANFL 2011 Team of the Year, Morris was on-traded to Richmond from GWS for a variety of picks and the 23 yr old defender should slot straight into the Tigers best 22 this year. He averaged 18 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles in the SANFL last year for a DT average of 65. In comparison, Puopolo and Duigan averaged 69 and 59 respectively in the 2010 season before they were drafted, they then went on to average 72 and 68 and increase in price by about $150k.

Is he starting for the ‘Last Kids Picked’ in 2012? Backline Pine!

Hope this helps some people here… Love to hear criticism/thoughts…

Good luck for DT 2012!

By tigesboy13





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