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Deck of Dream Team 2012: Brett Deledio

With Gibbsy being named as a midfielder only this season, Brett Deledio is the man that we will all want going into this new year. Maybe he’s your first picked in the backline. I’m sold on him, can I convince you too? And… Happy New Year to everyone who visits our site! Hopefully you’re feeling better than how we do right now!

Name: Brett Deledio
Club: Richmond Tigers
Position: Defender/Midfielder
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $452,100
Bye Round: 13
2011 Average: 91.4
2011 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 97

Why should I pick him? It’s a new year, but some things stay the same… we must pick Brett Deledio. He has been a member of the Warne Dawgs for the last 4 seasons and I don’t think things will change in 2012. Lids retains his dual position availability as a DEF/MID and with Gibbsy losing his defender status, here is our best bet of a high scoring defender who gets midfield time.

Last season Deledio ranked himself as the 6th best defender with his average of 91. Taking out his 51 against Hawthorn in Round 3, his lowest score last season was a respectable 74, meaning his standard deviation is pretty low. He had 7 scores over 100 with a season high of 119. Deledio’s average over the last few seasons has been 97, 96, 89 and 91. I am liking the extra midfield time talk about Deledio as when he has gone into the middle, he has been a beast in Dream Team terms. Hopefully Hardwick can see the light and let him loose in there.

I think the “Why should I pick him?” is a little redundant here. He has been a consistent performer over the last few seasons – playing all 22 games in the last 4 – and turning 25 this year, he is in perfect nick to have him in your team. Lids ticks all of the boxes!

Why shouldn’t I pick him? It’s a matter of seeing where he fits in your structure. His bye is shared with popular defenders in the horrific Round 13 – St Kilda, Carlton and Hawthorn (and ok, Port and GC) so some of the bid dogs of 2012 wont be available in that round for you, but maybe some DPP can help. You’d probably put him ahead of a lot of those defenders anyway.

I literally have nothing here for why you shouldn’t pick Lids. Is it because you don’t like his haircut or fashion sense? Hmm… nothing to see here, move along.

Deck of DT Rating. KING – Brett Deledio is a must have player in 2012 in my opinion and nearly warrants an ACE selection (I think he will be by season end). He can definitely improve on his average with more midfield time. Consistent, durable and a pretty good looking man. He ticks all of the boxes. Lock and load!

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