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Deck of Dream Team 2012: David Zaharakis

Dual Position Players are going to be much more important in 2012. Last season, David Zaharakis was ranked as the 12th best forward eligible player by average – on those available as a forward this year. Should be be a walk up player because he is likely to improve to be top 7 by years end?

Name: David Zaharakis
Club: Essendon
Position: Midfielder/Forward
Assistant Coach 2012 Price: $443,200
Bye Round: 12
2011 Average: 88.2
2011 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 96

Why should I pick him? With the new rules introduced, there is arguably more importance in picking Dual Position Players in 2012. David Zaharakis retains his MID/FWD status and after another solid year kicking 31 goals and averaging 88 Dream Team points, he should be on his way to be one of the better forward picks next season. He had the 12th highest average of the available forwards (in 2012). Nine of his 22 games brought up the DT ton with a couple of thumpers (123, 126, 133) thrown in to show what he is capable of. Zaharakis’ average of the last 11 games of the season was a very respectable 97 points.

We’re going to find that he will be a bit cheaper than Dayne Beams – with a lot more job security – and will be priced around Mitch Robinson. For me, I will pick him over these two players. I feel his improvement will take him to the mid-90’s without too much hassle. The Bombers are improving and with that, Zaharakis should improve a fair bit too.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? His consistency in scoring is a huge worry. 8 of his games he recorded scores below 70 Dream Team points with a couple of big clangers… 42 v Sydney in Rd 2, 57 v West Coast in Rd 7 and 51 v Fremantle in Rd 12. The positive thing is that his first half of the season he got most of his bad games out of the way averaging 77, but finished the season strong with an average of 97 over the final 11 games.

While I feel he is going to be a star this season and hopefully take his game further and be close to a premium forward, my main worry about Zaharakis is the byes. The Bombers share their bye round with Collingwood, Fremantle, Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney. Now thinking about these guys, in Round 12 we might have a few worries in our forward line (and maybe midfield).

Of the top 11 available forwards, by 2011 average, Steve Johnson, Paul Chapman, Dayne Beams, Adam Goodes, Nat Fyfe, Travis Cloke, Matthew Pavlich, Ryan O’Keefe and Colin Sylvia all have the bye that round. Let me re-phrase that; Buddy Franklin and Mitch Robinson are the only two of the top 12 forwards who will be playing in Round 12. Unless you’re just going to throw away that round (good call if you’re just going for a league premiership), then selection here will have to come into calculation.

Hmm… plenty to think about!

Deck of DT Rating: King. I don’t see too much risk in picking David Zaharakis as I don’t feel he is going backward anytime soon. There is plenty of upside and the whole Dual Position link (FWD/MID) will work wonders during the season. I just need to workout what my forward line will look like before I lock him in and throw away the key!

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