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Deck of Dream Team 2012: Jonathan Brown

Although my temptation is to jump straight into a preview of the RedRockBerger Combo, Browny is where I’m starting as he will be cheap, fit and… its Brown Dawg! Goodbye no +30 rule?

  • Roy

Name: Jonathan Brown
: Brisbane
: Forward
Bye Round
: 11
2011 Average
: 67
2011 Games Played
: 10
Predicted Average
: 89

Why should I pick him? Although my temptation is to jump straight into a preview of the RedRockBerger Combo, Browny is where I’m starting. To DT coaches, he is currently resembling the excited teacher’s pet, sitting on the mat with their legs crossed, hand raised and looking like they are about to burst with anticipation at the prospect of being picked to collect the newsletter at the office. Please pick me, pleeeeeease!!! Browny is not the kind of kid you ignore, he will make you regret it. The main reason he has turned back the clock and been thrust into the selection spotlight is due to a sub par performance in 2011, marred by horrific injury, underperforming teammates (not Rocky #mancrush), off field distractions and his customary injury interrupted pre season. Due to the reasons just mentioned, Brown was given the opportunity to pull stumps early on 2011 and get his body right. He is currently not missing a beat in the pre season for the first time in years, and appears to be over the niggling complaints that have slowed him down in recent seasons. This means a fit and determined Brown, who will have a new found confidence in his body to lead this young squad from the front. He will be determined to succeed and more importantly, play above his price tag of a 67 average. In the last 7 years, Brown’s worst average was 86 so expect him to at least be back in that ball park. The big fella should get off to a solid start with 6 out of his first 10 games at the GABBA and that include clashes with GC and GWS. He is the number 1 target and an unstoppable force it fit. Looms as a
massive bargain.

Why shouldn’t I pick him? Firstly he is the wrong side of 30 and we are talking about a guy who has managed to play just 2 out of 11 full seasons through his prime. Last year he managed to score triple figures on only one occasion so why should this year be any different? Especially with the loss of reliable team mates such as Luke Power, Mitch Clark and Brendan Fevola. OK, retract that, the words reliable and Fev or Clark should never meet in a sentence. Although he is an absolute superstar who is capable of 150+ scores, only once in his career has he average over 100, so why would this year be any different?

Deck of DT Rating. Queen – If you weigh up price vs potential, I think Browny is somebody everyone must consider, and if his injury free run continues during the pre season he jumps into the must have category. The Lions have quite a few young guns and will be an improved unit this year so the natural development of the team will also help his value and average rise from last year. At worst, he is an expensive cash cow while his body holds up, or decides to run face first into a team mates knee. Oh that’s right, Clark has gone! That can now be considered another positive in Browns advantage. My current consideration rating is 70%.

UPDATE: Our boy Tom Rockliff tweeded me and said Browny is in great form and would currently come into captain consideration. I am now up to 85% if his good with injuries continues run.






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