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Over the last few months we have been putting together a pilot for a Fantasy Footy TV show to pitch to the networks for 2012. This will cover both AFL Dream Team and SuperCoach. We would appreciate your support in ‘liking’ our page on Facebook and following us on Twitter. See a sneak peek at the show inside the post.

We’ve been running this website and producing our YouTube clips and live shows over the last 5 years. Recently we were approached to be involved in a Fantasy Footy TV show and shoot a pilot. We did this a few weeks ago and we are pumped with how it came up.

Roy, Calvin and Warnie are all involved in the show (with a cameo from Chopper) as well as Mark Howard from Channel 10 co-hosting, 3-time premiership player and Brownlow medalist Jason Akermanis and Miranda Skerman who has been involved with Dream Team and other AFL content on the official AFL website.

We would appreciate all of our DT TALK fans/visitors/members/etc to support us with this exciting venture and cross your fingers with us to get us picked up! You can help by:

1. “Liking” The Fan Show AFL page over on Facebook:
2. “Following” us on Twitter:

Pretty simple. When things get posted on The Fan Show AFL page, hit like on them… throw in a comment, etc.

So anyway… here are a couple of videos of what we have done and some images from the set, etc. It will be an awesome production. We are very excited about it and we’re sure any DT fan will love it. Think DT TALK on a much bigger scale.

Calvin, Roy, Howie, Miranda, Warnie and Aker - Hosts of The Fan Show!





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