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Never Again!

We almost say this every weekend… “I am never picking such and such ever again”. An old saying we use is “burn me once, shame on you.. burn me twice, shame on me” and in Dream Team, it couldn’t be any truer. Warnie names up his three players who are on the “Never Again” list down at the Warne Dawgs. Who is on yours?

Sylvia, Higgins and Broughton make Warnie's "Never Again" list... again!

I’ve learned that I am quite a forgiving Dream Team coach. I have said never again for a lot of players and, year after year I grab them for the value they offer and year after year, they let me down.


My top three this year has to be Shaun Higgins, Colin Sylvia and Greg Broughton.

I chucked it out on Twitter that I was writing this article and Higgins copped a lot of mentions. Mr Fragile. Mr Soft Tissue. Mr Tampon. He has to be on the top of everyone’s never again list if you’ve ever had him. I thought he was a genius pick this year. With 76, 109, 126 and 90 in his first four games, he was looking set for a big year. But then we had the first of his injuries for 2011 missing round 6-8, played a decent stint with some good scores and missed Round 19 with a further injury. My mate Aker doesn’t rate him too much… and I should follow him in not every picking him in my team again… he will miss games! He hasn’t played more than 17 games in a season since 2007. Sorry Higgo… never again!

I had a bit of a man crush on Sylvia last year. I picked him up mid-season and he played one game for me before ending up in hospital with some rare toe issue. Weird sh*t. But he ended up missing 3 games. He did bounce back pretty well and finish the season strongly, but missed the crucial preliminary final match which got me knocked out to one of my mortal DT enemies. This year, I picked him mid season again for around $300k which was great value for what the man can produce. “Colon” has always been a bit loose and when it comes to being disciplined, there was always a thought he might be suspended by the tribunal for doing something stupid… or even by the club for something stupid (possibly his fashion sense). The final straw has been his finish to the season. Getting dropped to the VFL, heaps of awful 70’s and then when he gives us a good game, he is rubbed out for two matches ending his season. Bloody hell Colin… never again!

Third on the list for this year is the glorified back pocket Broughton. I picked him from the start as a ‘premium’ defender who didn’t crack his first ton until Round 10. I dealt with 50s and 60s in this time and finally he came good. Roy and Calvin offloaded him and were pretty happy about that… until he started smashing it up for us with some thumper scores in the middle patch of the year. Oh, but then he was back to being Mr Back Pocket over the last three week with scores of 57, 71 and 51 and has now been iced up for the year. He is injury prone and prone to sh*tful roles, so Broughts… never again!


I would also have to add to this list guys who were a risk during the season that didn’t pay off. Poor old Jack Grimes has to be up there. While breaking a foot doesn’t make him injury prone (I call that reoccurring soft tissue injuries thanks), he does have a heap of bad luck… despite his Dream Team slutting up ability. Heath Shaw has been told never again a few times and keeps popping back into the Warne Dawgs somehow and costing me a trade through his walnut sized brain. Both of these guys have to much to offer my team, if they could play 22 games… I’d be all over them!


Also, it is time to go for some of our long serving players. I can’t trust Jimmy Bartel anymore. His scores are all very ho-hum. Jim-bob was the first real Dream Team premium that stood up for the Warne Dawgs, but after some poor leadership (I’ll never forget that game at the Gabba when he was captain a couple of years ago), he’ll be lucky to get a gig at Warne Dawg Park again. Other long time members of the Dawgs, Matthew Pavlich and Nick Riewoldt probably won’t get to go around again with the boys and even after being ‘back’ this week, Alan Didak has probably suited up in his last season in the green and black.

Roy did throw out there on Twitter that Dean Cox may not be the walk up selection that he once was. If he does miss this week, like he is rumoured to, then it could be curtains for him. There is a new brigade coming through – thanks mostly to the sub rule – of premium ruckmen that can go out there and score us big tons.


Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments who is on your NEVER AGAIN list and the reasons. Hit me up on Twitter @WarneDT with a hashtag of #neveragain and I’ll retweet some of my favourites! This is a good chance to vent. It can be very therapeutic… so enjoy and think never again!



  1. JungleMuffin

    August 24, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Starting the season I had Higgins, Broughton, Shaw, Grimes, then brought in Didak and Sylvia thanks to being cheap as chips. On their day, the boys were absolutely destroying it, helping me to smash out 2600+ scores, but coming to the business end of the season, they have raped my team.

    Broughton with a season ending injury the week when I have Gibbs and Scotland on the bye. Fuck. Need Buckley, Lower and Jacobs to get a game to save me from a backline donut, cos Toy is a piece of shit.

    All I can say is thank f**k I went so hard for DPP coverage at the back end of the season, even if guys like Hibbard and Callinan aren’t there to play.

    I’m now at the stage where it’s 50/50 for me whether or not my main goal is win a flag or two, or go donut free all year.

  2. Devo

    August 24, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Higgins, Sylvia, Green and Duffield are on the list

    Not sure on Broughton, Adcock and N Riewoldt yet, a lot depends on their role next year, so I’ll watch them over the preseason

    Cox gets an honourable discharge

  3. feathertopDT


    August 24, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Never again 4 any1 above 30 y3ars 0ld

    but seriously Heath (1000 cents) Shaw, Shaun (General Soreness) Higgins, Brad (Fluro) Green !!!!!!

  4. Bandicoot

    August 25, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    I’m surprised with all the speculation about Cox being past it. He has still had a great year this year and i am very pleased that I have had him since rd 1.
    Speaking of ruck options for next year, I think Sandi will be underpriced so he will probably be one of my picks.
    I am hoping McIntosh gets to play the last round for the Roos, sits on the bench for half a game and scores about 45. Then gets traded to Richmond. What a fantastic pick that would be (only problem is that 99% of DT coaches would have him too).

    • crazymofo

      August 26, 2011 at 1:02 pm

      It is very strange that people are saying Cox is passed it considering he is the highest scoring ruckman this year with 2193 points and the highest average of 109.65, he is ranked 7th in the league for total points and has played every game. How can he be passed it, I don’t think these people have even seen him play, he has the stamina of midfielder and gets a few extra points for the ruck taps. Oh well they can go without him next season, all the better for those that are still going to choose him.

      He will be 31 next year are these people basing this theory purely on the fact that he will be over 30, or are they expecting Nick Nat to be the #1 with Lycett the #2 next year? I really don’t get it.

  5. Simbaruby

    August 25, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    ROK and Enright made my never again last year. I was true to my belief and still feel good about leaving them alone.

    Jolly has ripped me apart two years in a row. I find the wise posters on here often make the call that your rucks are set and forget!! I have set Jolly for two years in a row and it has taken at least half a season on both occassions for me to finally dump him…


  6. sparlo

    August 26, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Never again list for this season would be Greeny, Dawes, Palmer and Duffman.

    I am in the reverse position of this post however as I have actually stuck to my ‘never agains’ and refused to pick Higgins, Shaw and Sylvia. Seems like it was a good choice.

    Connors very close to making the never again list but will have to watch the preseason next year. Actually check that, Connors you f**ker you are on the never again list. You have screwed me over two years in a row so you more than qualify you stupid ass clown.

    Totally disagree with writing off Cox, Chappy and Stevie J. You have got to be f**king kidding you tool!!!

    • crazymofo

      August 26, 2011 at 12:49 pm

      Haahhaha, shows the mistakes I have made this season I started with Palmer, and Astbury, Traded palmer for Fyfe, Astbury for Dawes, then Dawes to Pav, there is only 1 good choice in that list FYFE, it is all about next year now, no mid pricers for me next year just pure guns and rooks.

  7. kelonwheels

    August 27, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    I wanna get Porplyzia next year. One game for 15 points is gonna make him cheap – it better…

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