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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 21

So here we go… the first round of finals and we all need an awesome captain. Although most of us will just back in Dane Swan and then blame me if he messes up, you better get in there and have a look for yourself.

With the first round of finals starting you have certainly come to the right place to get your captains advice. Why not turn to the best when you need a ripping captain? To show you that you are in safe hands this week, check out my work from last week…

Dane Swan = 155pts
Joel Selwood = 135pts
Dean Cox = 57pts
Stevie Johnson = 146pts
Nick Dal Santo = 115pts
Marc Murphy = 87pts

Not bad hey? Cox and Marc let me down but if you listened you would have just gone with Swan or Selwood… right? Anyway, let’s get moving and have a look at what we have this week.

118 or 104?

What will he score? In his career against the Crows, Joel Selwood has scored…  118, 104, 104, 118 and 118. Amazing hey? Joel has been in ripping form over the last 2 weeks with scores of 135 and 178. He has only been playing the ‘bunnies’ of the competition though, but what would you class Adelaide as? He averages 113 at AAMI in his last 3 games and after averaging 140 in his last 3 this year he must be in our calculations this week. So after all this, 118 or 104… I’m tipping him to score 125.

Hug A Swan

Why not?! Swan has been on fire with scores of 155 and 171 in the last 2 weeks and has scored 94, 162 and 137 in his last 3 games at Etihad. This week he plays the Saints and we have a few interesting things here we need to cover. Back in Rd. 11 when Swan played them last, he had just 19d for 84pts and saved that score with 4 cheap goals. It could have been much worse. That day he copped a tag from Dempster as Clinton Jones tagged Daisy Thomas who killed him for 122. In 2010, Swan averaged 130 on the Saints in 3 games and should be awesome this week despite that dirty 84 he had back when he was playing crap. The Saints have been restricting DT points from their opposition recently as they have given up just 11×100+ scores in the last 4 weeks. But it must be said that those teams were Freo, Suns, Adelaide and West Coast. So if you think Swan can shake the awesome tag of Dempster (pfftth) and continue his form this week… then you need to hug a Swan too.

But WAIT… “I hate having my captain play on Friday night, will he be ok?” Arggg good question my man… Swan has only played on the Friday night 3 times this year for scores of 116, 131 and 115. He’ll be fine. I bloody hope so anyway.

We All Love A Quicky

Pendlebury – Had 129 on the Saints already this year and has been in awesome form with a lowest score of 120 in his last 4 games this year.
Cox – Had his lowest score for the year last week (57) and is obviously playing hurt.
Stevie J – Will crash this week as he only had 66 on the Crows this year and has just 1×100+ on them in his career of 8 games. Never scored a ton at AAMI.
Redden – Plays the Suns and has had 8×100+ scores in his last 9 games this year but did have 64 on the Suns when they lost.
Marc – Had 87 on Melbourne last week and hates playing at Patersons despite averaging 112 on Freo in his last 3.
Boyd – Averages just 92 against the Bombers in his last 3 but did have 126 last week.
Ablett – Will he play? He only had 84 on the Lions when they won this year and has never scored a 100+ score at the GABBA from 7 games… Never ever!
Dal Santo – Scored 105 on the Pies this year with scores of 126, 112, 128 and 121 before that!
Judd – Averages 129 at Patersons in his last 3 and had 121 on the Dockers when they met this year.
Rockliff – Has a lowest score of just 117 in his last 3 at the GABBA this year and averages 122 in his last 3 but did only have 86 on the Suns in their last game.
Mitchell – Over his career has only scored 100+ on the Power 21% of the time (14 games). Did have 110 in his last though which was his only 100+ on them in his last 5. However, loves the MCG with a lowest score of just 110 there in his last 5 games.
Gibbs – Dockers are his favourite team over the last 2 years with scores of 112, 106, 140 and 142. He is averaging 120 in his last 3 games this year.
Twitter Town – @CalvinDT… Don’t forget to hook me up to chat DT and all things to do with captains in Twitter Town. Or maybe do what others do and abuse me when your #1 pick doesn’t get a kick or injured… all good.

There you go. Good luck for the first round of finals and I’ll see you next week when we’ll crunch the numbers again. Arrgggg.





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