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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 20

After a week off we are back into it this week and we all need a good captain and that’s why you are here. Very interesting bag of guns I have for you this week. So who will be my ‘John Locke’ this week? Get in there and check it out.


Scott Pendlebury 141
Sam Mitchell 100
Leigh Montagna 99
Brendon Goddard 153
Dane Swan 171

That’s not too bad. Yeah a little bit out of order but overall not too bad. Oh and sucked in those people who thought the Pirate was wrong at the 20 min mark of the 1st quarter when Pendles had just 1pt. Boy, did I cop some abuse early but ha ha shove it. Gotta be happy with 141, but some people still weren’t. “Should have told us Swan” ha ha well yeah that’s true, but c’mon, a little slack please… But thanks for lifting SP10 – Oh and hover the cursor over the pic above he he

Love the Cox

In Dean Cox’s last 2 games this year… he has scored 155 and 137 and this week finds himself back at his beloved Patersons Playground where he has averaged 119 this year. He scored 103 on the Tigers last year and averages 118 on them in his last 3 encounters. How much do you love Big Cox?

Why is he in Your List and Where is …?

Oh these questions… They pop up every week. Obviously can’t cover everyone in the league but I have the stats and averages of many top players that I have researched. Join me in Twitter Town (@CalvinDT) for more… but in a quick word.

Sam Mitchell – Hasn’t played the Roos in 2 years and it will be pissing down with rain in Launie on Saturday and as we saw last week… this doesn’t suit the Hawks high possession footy very much.
Gary Ablett – Watch the News dude, he’s missing this week.
Nick Dal Santo – Good option for those who have him. Averages 121 on Freo in his last 3 and after averaging 132 in his last 3 and 130 in his last 5 this year, he’ll be very good again.
Jamie Dwyer – Doesn’t play AFL, he’s a gun hockey player.
Brendon Goddard – Carries a low of 109 in his last 5 at Etihad and did have 152 last week Vs the Suns, but we have much better this week.

We’re Sorry Dean

After last week’s result, Stevie J and Joel Selwood must take some responsibility for the sacking of Dean Bailey. When the Melbourne board saw 171pts and 178pts next to their names last weeks… it had to be the final straw. 9 Cats cracked the ton last week where their top 5 players averaged a huge 159 points… oh my. Not your fault Deano.

Stevie J was on fire last week with 34d and 7 goals (171pts) and meets the Suns at Skilled this week. He had another 7 goals Gold Coast in Rd. 10 for… 171pts. Amazing stat really. Many people will go Stevie for this reason but let’s not fall into the trap of chasing unique forwards who will need 7 goals next to their name to post huge scores. In the 5 games leading up to last week, Stevie was averaging just 83 and although he’s on fire and should be awesome… let’s keep things in perspective. Do we think Stevie will score another 171 this week? Probably not, but he still should be very good.

Joel Selwood racked up a massive 43d last week with 7m and 11t for his 178pts and should be awesome again Vs the Suns on his home track where he has averaged 131 there in his last 3 games this year. He had 116 last time they played the Suns from just 27d. He’ll rack up near the 40d mark again this week and should be a great captain option for those patient coaches who still have him.

So… who plays the Demons this week? Look out for a huge score from Marc Murphy who already has scored a massive 145 on them this year. With scores of 98, 12 and 104 before that against them he should also be ‘Joel like’ this week and give the struggling Dees a little touch up at the MCG.

Will They Give a S%&#?

Last time the Cats played the Suns a few of them cruised around and failed to post the scores we were hoping for. Let’s face it, after thumping the Demons last week… will they really be putting in 100% against the Suns at Skilled without Ablett. This is a huge concern! Who will be subbed at the half? Who will be rested? Last time these teams played, Bartel only had 18d (67pts) and although he has scored 4×100+ scores at Skilled this year from as many games… will he care? Will Chapman care? It didn’t look like he did when they played up in QLD. He had just 95pts and ‘junked’ it up late in the 4th.  YES they will be awesome, and YES they will win by 400pts and score big numbers… but they all won’t, they didn’t last time and who will be subbed?


Dane Swan played Port in round 1 this year and racked up 34d (137pts) on them despite a tag from Cassisi. With previous scores against them of 137, 141 and 154 and after coming off a huge 171 last week against the Bombers, Swan may just be the most selected captain this week. He averages 109 in his last 3 games at AAMI Stadium with 141 coming from his last game there in 2010. Swan is a John Locke this week guys. In other Pie News, Scott Pendlebury has never scored over 100 at AAMI from his 4 games there but did have 121pts on them in Rd. 1 this year. He copped a tag from Thomas that day and still managed 31d. Pendles has averaged 129 in his last 3 games this year and comes off a nice 141 last week. His record at AAMI is a slight concern and that’s why, with so many great options this week, he misses out in my top few.

… and yes I can have 6 cause I can basically do what I want – see ya next week and goodluck!





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