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Trade Talk Tuesday: With destROY #423

It’s time to discuss this weeks trades options as we set out teams for the run at finals glory. Goodluck and help each other out in the bid to maximise scores.

  • Roy

Well done to most for a massive scoring week! Personally I was solid but killed by a Steve Johnson 0 as I had rumoured late withdrawals in the other 3 positions and consequently didn’t have an emergency in the forward line. This pissed me off a fair bit, actually to the point where I’m going to campaign for 4 emergency positions, as that part of the game shouldn’t come down to luck, or lack thereof. Anyway, it’s a new week and as Shane Crawford would say: “I’m back up and about, up and about, up and about, up and about, so yeah I’m up and about”. (If you don’t know what I’m on about here, watch him give a review on the Sunday Footy Show) Up and about!

This week I’m going to have a look at a couple of in form DTers, they may not suit your team, but that’s why there is a comment section to talk about who you want to bring in.

Name: Chris Judd
Price: 414,500
BE: 83
Average last 3: 120
Bye’s remaining: 1
Captain Potential /10: 7
Owned by %: 27
Quick thought: The fact that Juddy has a remaining bye is a big turn off, however if you are in a battle to sneak into the 8, and that’s your biggest concern, maybe your team could benefit from climbing on the great mans back like the Blues do.

Name: Nick Dal Santo
Price: 427,300
BE: 94
Average last 3: 125
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 7
Owned by %: 6
Quick thought:  In the last 5 weeks Dal Santo’s only score under 120 has been 101 which indicates he is in some rare form. An added bonus is that he is only owned by 6% on the competition so it’s rare that you will face him in the lead up and throughout finals.

Name: Luke Hodge
Price: 409,400
BE: 93
Average last 3: 121
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 7
Owned by %: 12
Quick thought: Hodgey is hitting form at the right time of the year and congratulations to any coaches that picked him up for 328,200 during the year. In the last 5 weeks he has scored over 100, highlighted by an attractive 135.

Name: Greg Broughton
Price: 412,000
BE: 113
Average last 3: 120
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 6
Owned by %: 10
Quick thought: This may cause coaches to bite their pride and double trade in order to bring back a man they gave the flick earlier in the year. High scoring defenders are hard to come by, especially ones with the potential to pump out 139 and 149 in consecutive weeks. A must have in your back line.

Ok, discuss your potential trades here in the comments and help each other to build a team that can contend for a league victory and a whole summer of bragging rights. RANDOM THOUGHT: I have a feeling former destroy member Chris Knights will return this week under a new coach, play in the midfield and dominate. May be worth a sneaky bet at

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