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The Power is OUT (and that’s a good thing): Round 18 Discussion

It is Round 18 and we are without our Port Adelaide players. Hopefully this means that you are playing your best 22 this weekend. There could be a few high scores floating around with the Pies taking on the Suns and the Cats ready to smoke the Tigers. As the round progresses, chat about it in the comments or in the DT TALK Chat Room! Good luck!

Make sure all of your Port Adelaide players on your bench… errr… maybe make sure that Ben Jacobs isn’t one of your emergencies (oh and Matthew Lobbe too).

Your best 22 is hopefully fielded this weekend. With most teams only without a couple of players through injury, we could be in for the highest scoring round of the year as a lot of teams are now set too.

As the round progresses, let us know in the comments about all things relevant to DT. Who is smashing it, who is sucking, vent your frustrations, brag… whatever! Mix it in there with who the subs are for those who want to know (follow us on Twitter as we try to let you know that all weekend too).

When you post your score, if you captain has played, count him as two players. For example you might have 10 players to play for 1121 points, but if one of those was your captain, it is 1121/11. Just gives everyone a better idea of what people are averaging per player.

Anyway, let’s get to it!





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