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Get Off The Bench: Round 17

Right, only one Multi Bye week to go, thank god for that, but this week we are without our Hawks, and that is going to hurt a lot of teams and start to test some depth… or will you sideways trade like Dr DT to avoid a donut or poor scorer!

Right, back to the serious stuff this week.  I must say that I didn’t pay too much attention to my team last week so didn’t know the scores of some of the guys until I started to look at this article this week!  I knew my score was ok given some of the rubbish scoring players I had to play (more on that later).  I also heard that some of the bench guys had a reasonable score, just not the blokes I played (noticing a trend of bitterness here).  Anyway, this week we have to cover guys like Buddy, Mitchell, Hodge and Puopolo.  I think that at the moment there is plenty of options out there so there should be no excuses for putting a team on the field.

Another mix up in the format this week, mainly due to a lack of time for me this week as my paying job has been bloody busy which means my enjoyment job (DT) has suffered a bit.  Hopefully I will still get my message across on who to pick!  Anyway… on with the show.

Lock n Load

All these blokes are a lock to have on the field if you have them, all will score well and shouldn’t be hesitated over.

Krakouer – A 79 last week, not as much as I had hoped for, but a decent score.  Has Carlton this week who he only got 48 for in his first full game, not a massive score but should do better this time.
Heppell – This kid keeps scoring just to annoy me since I traded him out.  102 on the weekend means he should be your first picked and against Adelaide he should tear it up.
Duigan – Didn’t set the world on fire in his return but got 65 and up against the Pies last time he got 75, he will see plenty of the ball so should get plenty of touches.
Crameri – A 92 on the weekend and he just keeps getting better since a bit of a slump a few weeks ago.  Along with Hep and Hib he will score well against the Crows.
Lower – Mark him down for a score in the 60’s or 70’s.
The Gu – Showed us what he is made of last game with a 108.  Will continue this form but won’t score as high against the Swans, Mid 70’s is my prediction.
D Swallow – As Chook said on Wednesday, once Ablett was out of the picture, he took over with a career best 114.  Play him.
T McKenzie – 93 following his 122.  Get him on the field if you can.
Iles – Another strong performance from Sam with 86.
Stanley – Has hit his stride now with 90 and 91 in his last two.  Playing really well and scoring well too.
Zmith – Not in the 100’s at the moment, but certainly doing a solid effort with two 60’s and a 71 in the last 3.  With Petrie now being shut down, he may become the better option as second ruck again.
S Martin – Yes, good for 90+ but is in Darwin where it is slippery.  Should get over 70 though.
Pedersen has been putting together a tidy run of scores of late.

Will play ya, but not sure what you will do for me…

These blokes are a bit up and down, so play with caution

Ed Curnow is back this week.  Just worries me given he has had a few weeks off.
Otten he has had 96, 52 and 69 in his last 3, he could have a great one, but could also have an average score.
Karnezis this kid is growing on me.  Has two steady mid 60’s in the last couple and looks good to me.
Wright was good up until his red vesting in Adelaide’s last outing.  Not sure if he will get vested or not.  So could be a risky selection.
Sam Sheldon had a very quiet one after his two best games in the two previous.
Christensen has been Great, Average, OK in his last 3 games, so he is another that isn’t scoring consistently and that always worries me.  He will be good, but may get a vest with a few coming back into the Cats lineup.
Vardy has crumbled after his great start with two 30’s in the last two starts.  However, with Ottens out this week, he should get some quality on ball time and could score pretty well, but you never know.
Tom “bloody” Lynch Yes you can deduce from that name that I have him and have had to rely on him for the last couple of games, a 58 and a 26 in his last two starts, an 86 before that, throw in a 66, 31 and red18 and you have the “Bone of my Contention”.  This guy is good, all I ask for is some decent scoring.  Solid 60-70 is all I ask for!  You just don’t know what you will get.
Dion “bloody”Prestia (last one I promise) This guy puts yo-yo’s to shame.  Listen to this for the last 5.  79, 28, 66, 49 and 74.  How can you play this guy with any confidence!!
Wilkinson had a tidy 93 last week, one more good score and I would start to rate him.
Jeremey Howe must be hanging out with Prestia.  105, 39 and 70 doesn’t instill me with heaps of confidence to bring home a great score!
Dan Nicholson has been on the decline with 90, 60 and 43 of late and in the slippery Darwin conditions may not put in a big one.
Lobbe came in to stacks of teams after his pair of 90’s and dished up a 54 on Sunday, but then the rest of the team were no good either (apart from Hartlett)(trust me I stayed til the end) so I will let him off, but I am worried about Darwin and also Jamar for him.
Batchelor 83, 39 and 82  Kid has talent, but need I say more…
Conca too up and down for me too.
Jack Darling has slid in my views, 66 and 48 in the last couple have hurt him.  Although he didn’t have the Q Stick to take the best defender last week and that hurt him as he got a better defender and that contributed to his 48.
Josh Toy makes a long awaited comeback… wouldn’t play him though.
Andrew Gaff is back too… wouldn’t play him either.

There you have it, you should be able to pick out enough guys to cover your holes on the field in that lot.  Sorry for the poor analysis this week, but I hope that next week things are a bit slower at work and I can get right into them.  Follow me on twitter for any last minute updates @pkd73.


  1. Heppell
  2. Lower
  3. Stanley
  4. Martin
  5. Duigan
  6. Pedersen
  7. Otten
  8. Batchelor
  9. Wilkinson
  10. Jacobs


  1. Heppell
  2. Swallow
  3. McKenzie
  4. Curnow
  5. Crameri
  6. Krakouer
  7. The Gu (cause he is playing at SCG)
  8. Iles
  9. Wright
  10. Christensen


  1. ZSmith
  2. Lobbe
  3. Vickery
  4. Vardy


Slim pickings up forward this week!

  1. Krakouer
  2. The Gu
  3. Darling
  4. Lobbe
  5. Howe
  6. Prestia
  7. Lynch







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