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Trade Talk Tuesday: With destROY

Welcome to this weeks Trade Talk with destROY. This week I have written about a couple of guys who would round out teams quite nicely, including one big unit who I don’t think I have mentioned once this year. Personally, with 6 Hawks in my side and after climbing to 300th this week, the only trade I will be looking at is Alan Didak out (if not selected) in order to maintain some strength with the big dogs out.

  • Roy

This week was going to be dedicated to a replacement for Gary Ablett, but given he is a chance to play this week I’ll refrain from that angle. While on the topic of Ablett, as a non owner, I felt sorry for Gaz owners having to put up with all the “I don’t have him because I knew he would get injured” talk, while personally, I didn’t pick him because I knew he didn’t get to play against the Gold Coast, Boom Tish. Here are a few players to consider in rounding out your side, designed to generate some chat:

Name: Scott Pendlebury
Price: 417,100
BE: 115
Average last 3: 106
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 8
Owned by %: 35
Quick thought: Pendles is on a run of 7 x 100+ scores in a row and has dropped under that mark on only 3 occasions this year. He has a very good run home, highlighted by a game vs the GC next week. If you have doubts on Gary, this is your boy.

Name: Ben McEvoy
Price: 400,800
BE: 97
Average last 3: 111
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 4
Owned by %: 4
Quick thought: Who would have thought that the best big man in the comp leading into finals would be Big Mac?! Since returning to the side after being dropped he has averaged 116 in his last 5 and has not slipped under 100 in that time. He has a great run home including a game vs GC and we all know what rucks do to them. If you have spat the goo at Petrie, welcome Mac.

Name: Colin Sylvia
Price: 304,700
BE: 100
Average last 3: 72
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 4
Owned by %: 19
Quick thought: Although he has not been in good form since the massive cork thigh he received, coming off a rest Colin must be considered on sheer potential and the added bonus of DPP eligibility leading into finals. Bar a tough game at Skilled Stadium he has a good run home which includes a game vs GC who he lit up for 132 earlier this year.

Name:  Matthew Pavlich
Price: 378,400
BE: 44
Average last 3: 113
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 5
Owned by %: 35
Quick thought: Coming off a bye and fresh from his best month of the year, Pav looks set to finish the season well despite a reasonably tough draw. In the last 4 weeks he has a lowest score of 88, with 3 other score topping 100, highlighted by a 132 and 121. With the potential carnage caused by rested players in the lead up to this years finals, Pavs DPP and Fremantle’s need for him to play could serve teams well and provide the flexibility to avoid unwanted 0’s.

This is the place to throw you trade ideas to the wolves and see if you can work out better alternatives. Good luck with the trades and an even bigger good luck surviving the wolves.

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