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Trade Talk Tuesday: With destROY

Roy the coach of destROY is back with Trade Talk Tuesday after sitting out the past few weeks with a green vest. Thanks heaps to Tony Tawk who continued the article in that time and has since grabbed the red vest. This is our forum to discuss trades for the week, so let’s go!

  • Roy

Smart trading has never been more important than now, with multi byes, rests and the all important finals looming. Depending on team structure, the players I have mentioned may not be relevant to you, but I have created a couple of categories and player discussions to get the trade juices flowing. Enjoy and discuss your ideas below.

Must have premiums

Name: Gary Ablett
Price: 487,700
BE: 92
Average last 3: 142
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 10
Owned by %: 31
Quick thought: Although Gaz comes at a price, his score of 175 on the weekend shows he is a must have. That thumping score was of course 350 for the 99.9% of coaches that own Ablett (sorry Dr Dream Team) and made him captain. He has no remaining byes, and has a lowest score of 118 in the last 5 weeks. Carrying a low BE of 92 when he is expected to score 140+ this week, his days of being priced below 500,000 are numbered.

Name: Dane Swan
Price: 400,100
BE: 61
Average last 3: 112
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 10
Owned by %: 53
Quick thought: Swan is back to his best since his two week holiday, ending a 3 week run of sub 100 point games where he looked sore and disinterested. In his 2 games back he has managed 125 and 130 and is back to his hard running self. The beauty for non owners is that his price is an absolute bargain but won’t be for long with his form great and BE low.

Unique guns

Name: Liam Shiels
Price: 448,400
BE: 73
Average last 3: 131
Bye’s remaining: 1
Captain Potential /10: 8
Owned by %: 4
Quick thought: At the start of the season when Shiels cost 221,500 only a handful of coaches had heard of him and even fewer were willing to give him a chance. While his selection rate has picked up slightly, ever DTer must now be familiar with him through sheer weight of numbers. Many people will scoff at my high captain potential rating however anyone who can score 147 vs the Pies and has 8 100’s in his last 9 is a premium.

Name: Jack Redden
Price: 416,600
BE: 88
Average last 3: 119
Bye’s remaining: 1
Captain Potential /10: 6
Owned by %: 3
Quick thoughts: Jack is an absolute tackling machine which basically means if he is having an off game, he scores 100, if he is having a good game he scores 130, due to the bonus 40 he receives from +4’s. In the last 8 weeks he has a lowest score of 95 and second lowest score of 109, basically suggesting he is capable of going on with the job having scored 10 100’s for the year and none less that that 109.


Name: Travis Cloke
Price: 391,200
BE: 59
Average last 3: 122
Bye’s remaining: 0
Captain Potential /10: 4
Owned by %: 7
Quick thought: Based purely on the last month of form, Cloke is a must have in the forward line in terms of consistency and scoring ability. His numbers read 114, 136, 117 and 121 which smashes his rivals in that position. Question marks will now hang over his head based around the extra attention with Dawes sidelined.

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