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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 15

Last week my top 5 players averaged a massive 125 proving that I am not just here because of my good looks. With my form as hot as Marc Murphy’s at the moment, you better get in there and check out what I have for you this week before I cool back down! Arrggggg

Never One to Brag

Oh… who put that there? You know I don’t like to brag when I select good captains, so who snuck that picture in there? Ewwwww me!

It’s like I have a glass ball made out of …. umm

Last week I had a blinder and this Irish Pirate is ‘up and about’. All my top 5 guys ripped it to pieces and although Boyd was the best, we only lost 18pts because of Gary being at #1. With that said, Ablett still had a huge 118 and we can never complain about that unless you’re a whinging sook!

Marc My Words

In round 1 this year, Mr. Marc Murphy played the Tigers ripped them up for a huge 127. He had 31d and 7t that day and avoided the Jackson tag as he ran with the mighty Judd. Marc’s form has been amazing. He has averaged 126 in his last 3 games this year and has a lowest score of just 117 in his last 6. Although Marc enjoys playing under the roof of Etihad Stadium (avg. 120 in 2011) he doesn’t mind the MCG (avg. 107 in 2011) where he had a huge 145 in his last game there. In the last 3 weeks though, the Tigers have been restricting DT scoring only allowing 8 players to score 100+ against them. Does this bother you? No. Does this bother me? No. So why am I mentioning it? No Idea. Marc will be ridiculously good… once again.

High Possession Hawks

Dane Swan was back to his best last week with 125pts (33d, 8m) and carries a very good record against the Hawks here. He has a lowest score of just 119 against them in his last 3 games with a huge 133 coming in his last encounter against them. Pendlebury is a different story as his top score against the Hawks is just 108 after playing them 7 times in his career so far. His form is mega hot though as he is going for his 6th straight 100+ score this week and will attempt it at the MCG where he has averaged 115 this year. Both these guys will roam around without a tag as Brad Sewell is out injured but… with all that said, we have a problem. Quick someone tell Houston!

The Hawks are hogging the ball. They are kicking it between themselves not letting anyone play. If you were an 8 year old kid, you would have spat the dummy ages ago. This is great if you have Hawks in your team, bad if you want mega big scores from your Pies this week. Over the last 3 week, the Hawks have continued this style, killing their oppositions ability to score DT points…

Essendon – 3×100+ scorers with their top 3 players averaging 115
Gold Coast – 1×100+ scorers with their top 3 players averaging 108
Geelong – 3×100+ scorers with their top 3 players averaging 114

Hawthorn during this time – 23×100+ scorers with their top 3 averaging 132

My point here is pretty clear… I hope it is. The Hawks hog the ball and stop their opposition from scoring the numbers we like. I still think Swanny and Pendles will be ok, but this adds a risk to the equation.  But for the record you have been warned.

Pav’s Moment in the Sun

We all have our moment in the sun at some point in our lives and this week, the man with the massive nose has it. Yes, we are talking about Matthew Pavlich.

Last week, Pavlich played the Lions and smacked them around for a huge 132pts and finds himself once again back at Paterson Playground this week. In his last 2 games there he has scored 132 and 113 and will look for something better this week.

We all know the Suns give opposition teams $h%# loads of DT points and Pav will look to cash in on that this week, it’s his turn to shine and on his home track, it will be nasty.

Little Master

Oh Garry, we love you and after averaging 133 in you last 3 games this year with a low of 118 in your last 4, you can’t blame us. This week, Gazza is up against the Dockers and his record against them is mad! In 2010, he scored 117 and 130 on them (with Geelong) and smashes them every time without fail. That bloody Crowley tags him every time too, but it has never mattered and it will not bother the Little Master this week. Why? We’ll… Crowley tagged Simon Black last week and even Black killed him with 33d (118pts) to be one of the 5 Lions to score 100+. But one of the biggest reasons to go Garry this week is because he is at one of his favourite grounds, Paterson Playground (same as Pav, fancy that). Ablett has already played there this year (against the Eagles) where he had a massive 132. To prove that it wasn’t a fluke, Gazza had scores of 110 and 130 there in 2010 giving him an average of 124 there in his last 3. You got Garry? Lock the master in right now!





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