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Trade Talk Tuesday

Tony Tawk has written his weekly trade article to provide you with a bit to think about and more importantly, a forum to discuss all your potential trades over the next few days.

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It was a good, high-scoring week for most of the competition so thankfully, things are back to normal. The highest score this week was 2467, which is an awesome benchmark for the rest of us to dream/strive for. The final stages of our upgrading should be coming to an end, but there’s one thing that stands in our way – injuries. Sandilands is a big one (pardon the pun) that got injured again this week (the weak-arse piece of sh*t) which is devastating news for those that kept him. When one of your guns cops and LTI, try to do a straight swap. This saves you a trade and it’s a quick fix. At this stage of the season a long term injury is arguably as low as 2 weeks if the player has not completed their bye.

This week, I’ll keep it simple. 3 players you want to get rid of or upgrade and 3 players you want to get into your side. A lot easier for you guys. So here it is:

Get rid of/upgrade:

Nick Lower – time to upgrade him to premium, because he’s going down in price and when a rookie goes down, you don’t have much to look up to (see what I did there?)

Chris Knights – I, as many, thought this guy would be a keeper, but if you actually look at his scores (especially the past 5 weeks) he’s mostly getting unsatisfactory 60’s and 70’s. I can’t really see him scoring the required 90+ average to hold his spot on the ground, unless he is moved to a more permanent role in the midfield (like the last quarter vs Geelong, thank the DT Gods). Probably wait a week, but otherwise, get rid of him.

Jack Riewoldt – Doing sh*t, hang your head in shame if you have him and fix it ASAP.

Get in:

Liam Shiels – Before the season, I hardly knew who this guy was or his premium scoring potential. Now he’s ranked 4th overall in the competition. He has had an unbelievable season and despite this, is not a member of many teams. It just goes to show that the best DT players aren’t always the All Australians EG Alan Didak and Nick Riewoldt the losers.

Jack Redden – Please see above (exact same description and is a tackling machine).

Colin Sylvia – Melbourne’s best player is one of the most underpriced premiums in the game. He’s averaging 92, and at $316,000 he should be a very popular pick in the next few weeks. Make sure you check your list carefully as he is a member of the next multi bye.

OK guys, that’s it for this week. P.S For all those who traded Swan, unlucky.





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