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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 13

TOP 5 UPDATED (in comments) – “Yo jump back up now, and give the pirate some room, the fuse is lit and I’m about to go… BOOM’ but quietly though cause I don’t want to start another ash cloud. Argg! Check it out brufer!

Yo yo yo… due to the ash cloud, welcome to a very quick edition of the world famous Calvin’s Captains for round 13! With so many of our ‘go-to’ premiums on the sidelines this week, we have a very tough call to make on Friday afternoon. I’m a des-pirate man here and have been checking the stats on my phone flat out as this Irish pirate and his crew have been stranded in Melbourne until we board my pirate ship (Spirit of Tas) of Thursday. ‘Calvin, shut-up and get on with it…’ Good call mate so, less dribble and more wisdom on the way… check it out.


Last week, Matthew Boyd was awesome against the Saints with a huge 143 (39d) and finds himself again under the roof at Etihad Stadium this week. Under the roof, Boyd has scored 16×100+ scores in his last 18 games and is a lock to do it again. He has a lowest score of just 115 in his last 5 games there and averages 126 in his last 3. This is truly amazing! But did you know that the Adelaide Crows are his worst team to play when it comes to scoring DT points? Can you believe that and will you go against this? I don’t blame you either way… but check out these stats. Boyd averages 83 against Adelaide in his last 3 with a highest score of just 94 in his last 4. He has 3×100+ scores in his career Vs this mob over his career of 12 games.

So I’ll pose another question to you… do you think that Boyd will be in the top 3 scorers for the Bulldogs? If you answer this yes then you’ll like these stats.

Adelaide Vs West Coast (Rd. 12)
Kangaroo top 3 scorers had 127, 122, 105

Adelaide Vs Kangaroos (Rd. 11)
Kangaroo top 3 scorers had 144, 138,129

With that said… I’m cautious, and you have to be based on his history. But the Crows are crap, but then again they have been crap over Boyd’s last 4 games against him so why are his last 4 scores under 100? Crazy, but he’ll smash it don’t you worry about that, and under the roof he’ll be great… but you just needed to know.

Smoking up the Ash in Tassie

Yep, under the ‘ash cloud’ this week we have many stars at Aurora Stadium with their hands up ready to be your captain this week. Ablett is coming off previous scores of 146 and 132 and has averaged 120 on the Hawks in his last 3 games against them and then we need to look at the Hawks themselves. He will get the Brad Sewell tag, but it won’t matter cause he will be great. Buddy had 127 last time he was in Tassie this year and Hodgey averaged 122 there in 2010! Sam Mitchell had 129 last time he was in town and had 129, 105 and 112 there in last year. This ground produces DT points and it will again this week against the Suns… and this is why.

Rd 12 Vs Kangaroos… the top 5 players this game averaged 123
Rd 11 Vs West Coast… the top 5 players from this game averaged 127
Rd 10 Vs Geelong… the top 5 players from this game averaged 127

With that said… the Hawks will have a field day on the highest scoring DT ground in Australia, don’t you worry about that.

Arrggg, there you go. Calvin the pirate signing off from under the ash cloud (hence the pic) and we wish you all the best for rd. 13 and I’ll see you next week for another ripping edition of the world’s famous… Calvin’s Captains.





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