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Calvin’s Captains – Rd.12

Ok… you why you are here! I know why you are here! In fact, everyone in the land of dreamteam is coming here shortly to check out the best captains that round 12 has to offer. So get in there and read the best advice going around!

Ha ha ha – yeah, this is where it is… the best DT captain advice going around. Ignore the other tryhards out there and get behind the Mad Irish Pirate as last week we found some crackers. Now this week is looking very interesting. But a high scoring round I’m tipping especially from our premiums as they look set to go bananas! Get in there DT fans and check out the talent I have for you this week.

Pendlebury Goes Solo

This week, Pendles plays the Demons and will do so without Dane Swan and Dalina Thomas. It’s really hard to tell how Pendles scores without Swan as Swan hasn’t missed a game in years, but if you know Pendles… he’s rise to the challenge! Pendles scored 136 and 116 on the Demons in 2010 which just happened to make them his favourite team to play for the year. In his last 2 games this year, he has scored 129 and 131 which just happened to be at the MCG where he finds himself again this week. Plus, the Demons don’t really tag and when they do it’s a crap tag that anyone could get away from. He’ll obviously be Melbourne’s  #1 focus but let’s make this clear… Pendles will kill them, BIG TIME.

He’s Rucking Good

Wow… last week many people followed my wicked pirate advice and went Dean Cox for his massive 145 against the Suns.

I received many tweets… @CalvinDT saying ‘thanks Calvin, I owe you a beer” and stuff like that, anyway, I wrote down your names so I’ll be collecting that soon.

This week, Dean Cox plays the Adelaide Crows and this has me licking my lips again. Cox had just 104 last time he played them in 2010 and although he didn’t play them at all in 2009, he averaged a very solid 124 on the Crows during the 2006/07 seasons.

This week Cox will look to add another 100+ score to his tally as he already has 6×100+ scores in his last 7 games against them.

But the game is at AAMI and straight away I can see your concern with Cox playing away from his beloved Patersons Playground but I will settle your little paranoid nerves with this. Cox averages 121 at AAMI in his last 3 games there with a score of 118 already next to his name from AAMI this year. So yeah, you can rest easy.

Now, the best thing about this week is that the Crows have been allowing opposition ruckman to score at ease against them. Check this out…

Recent Ruckman Vs Adelaide Crows
Rd. 11 – Goldstein = 144pts (17d, 48h/o)
Rd. 10 – Leuenberger = 111pts (19d, 41h/o)

See that? These guys are certainly not in the class of Cox, and after what Cox did last week this could be nasty!

Hawks Killing Our Fun

This week we have a ripping match between Geelong and the Hawks at the MCG. These guys met in Rd. 5 this year, and in that game my CBS News Team in Chapman (130pts), Bartel (124pts) and Selwood (134) all top scored out of everyone for the game. So let’s look at these guys… Chapman had 3 goals that day and has previous scores of 117 and 102 on the Hawks in his last 3. But after missing last week and having just 83 last time he was at the MCG, you’d have to look elsewhere (although he could be great). Bartel had 28d last time he played the Hawks and loves the big stage and the big matches like this. In his last 3 years of playing the Hawks, Jimmy has posted 124, 139, 132, 94 and 108. Crazy! During his last 3 games against the Hawks he has averaged 28 touches with 8 tackles. Jimmy’s form hasn’t been great though, but he did bounce back last week with a nice 123 to end his run of 0x100+ in his 4 games before that. Joel Selwood had 32d on the Hawks back in that round 5 clash and did that with the tag of Brad Sewell. The Hawks are one of his favourite teams to playl but mainly thanks to his DT personal best score of 185pts he had on them back in 2009. He had just 94 last week but has a great record at the MCG with scores of 121 and 134 coming in his last 2 games there.

But why are the Hawks killing our fun Calvin? Oh yeah I forgot about that… well listen to this. Over the last few weeks you might have noticed that the Hawks have changed their game style with this much publicised ‘high possession footy’. This is killing our DT scores for of players who are playing against them and this week I’m worried that it may happen again to our Geelong boys.

Opposition 100+ Scores Vs the Hawks
Rd. 8 Vs St Kilda – 1 player cracked 100+
Rd. 9 Vs Sydney – 0 players cracked 100+
Rd.10 Vs Bulldogs – 2 players cracked 100+
Rd. 11 Vs Freo – 2 players cracked 100+

Righteo, whooped de doo Calvin. But during this time where they allowed only 5×100+ scores to their opposition… the Hawks had 27 players cracking the ton! Get my point yet? But the good news is this… I don’t think it will happen this week, but the scary thing is it might and need to be aware of it.

@CalvinDT – #madirishpirate

Yo, if you haven’t yet, hook me up on the old twitter and I can give you all the latest stats, info and advice as they flow into my little pirate brain.

Whoop there it is! Personally you can nearly flip a coin between the top two guys there but if you had to choose, I’d go Cox…just.  The others will be great, but those top 2 lads will be pushing 130 and beyond this week. Just sit back and watch the show…

Thanks for hanging round right to the end. You know what to do. Get into your DT account now and lock them in. Good luck and I’ll see you in Melbourne for that beer you owe me (I’m at the pub now).





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