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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 11

Yep, you’re back and why wouldn’t you be? This is clearly where you find the best captains advice there is going around. Get in there and find out why Dane Swan isn’t in my top 5 this week!

Yep, you’re back and why wouldn’t you be? This is clearly where you find the best captains advice there is going around. Last week was very interesting for me as for the first time in a long time I had Swan at #3 but I still got comments like “predictable Calvin’s Captains…” ha ha man some people a muppets. That comes from the comments the week before of “Why read CC’s when everyone just goes Swan at #1”… ha ha I can’t win! So, I’ll keep soldiering along and just keep telling you who I think will smash it up from week to week…

So arrggg me mateys… let’s get in there and check out the good I have for you this week

Melbourne Give It Up!

They certainly do and that’s why this week I am tipping that Jobe Watson and his Essendon friends will have millions of points against the Demons. In the last few weeks, Melbourne have allowed opposition midfielders to score at will. Marc Murphy scored a nice 145pts last week and Juddy managed 133pts and even Mitch Robinson had 131pts. Then you can have a look at what the Saints had on them the week before where ‘out of touch’ Montagna (151pts) and Goddard (122pts) carved them to bits. Jobe Watson is my obvious hot tips this week for the Bombers (if he plays) as he had 110 and 117 in his last 2 against them. He’s averaging 106 at the MCG this year and if he has fully recovered from crying about his hammy… he should kill them!

A Rucking Good Lesson

This week, Dean Cox will be one of the most selected captains… because he plays the Suns! Coxy has already played the Suns this year in a shortened NAB match where he topped scored for both teams with a nice 99. Cox is also playing at his home ground, Patersons Playground where he has averaged 121 there so far this year. Add that to Coxy’s hot form where he has had 113 and 125 in his last 2 games year. But these are the stats you need to see…

Recent Ruckman Vs Gold Coast
Rd. 6 – Tom Bellchambers = 95pts
Rd. 7 – Leuenberger = 110pts (52 h/o)
Rd. 8 – Sam Jacobs = 106pts
Rd. 10 – What’shisname Vardy = 70pts

Now, these guys are not in the league of Dean Cox, not even close and if they can knock up 100+ scores with just getting 15 or so touches… Cox will give the Suns this week, a rucking good lesson!

Grand Final… x2

Last year when Collingwood and the Saints meet in the Grand Final x2… it was huge! Brendon Goddard was the man with 110 and 128 in both games and carries a great record against the Pies with scores of 96 and 97 also coming in 2010. But after his knock last week and his ‘dodgey’ form, you’d be mad to be considering him this week. What about Pendlebury though? He appeared to bounce back into some form last week scoring a nice 131 on the Eagles. In the Grand Finals last year he scored 141 (29d) and a 70 (19d) with a received a fair bit of attention on him from Jason Gram. In 2010 before the Grand Finals, Pendles scored 119 and a 70. A little up and down for my liking and although I think he’ll be good this week… this is not enough to make my top 5. Then we have Dane Swan. Swan isn’t in my top 5 this week for several reasons. His form has been terrible with scores of 89 and 94 coming in his last 2 games this year. Swan has been surrounded by injury clouds the last few weeks and his scores are clearly reflecting this with just 1×100+ score coming in his last 4 games this year. Not Swan like at all. In the Grand Finals last year, Swan had a huge 141 (26d) when it mattered the most in the 2nd final and just 86 (21d) in the first. In both games, Swan attracted the “CJT”… the Clinton Jones Tag, one of the hardest taggers in the game. So how will Swan cope with poor form and a CJT… I’m tipping not too good. Now, with that said Swan is still a champion and has solid history Vs the Saints with an average of 119 against them last year. But, for me… I’m passing for the first time in a long time.

The New Swan?

Last week, I like many cashed in on the fact that Joel Selwood was playing the GC Suns. He knocked up a nice 116 which happened to be his lowest score in his last 6 games this year, proving that this guy is in mega hot form! This week he is playing the struggling Bulldogs on his home court! At Skilled Stadium, Selwood has already posted 124 and 129 there this year (from his only 2 games) and will fire down there again. Over the last 2 years, my boy Joel has played the Doggies 4 times for scores of 139, 45, 136 and 110. Now, that yucky 45 was in the QF in 2009 when he was tagged out of the game by Ward… but he bounced back in Rd. 20 of 2010 ripping the Moles tag to bits with 35d and 2 goals, a game they went on to win by 101pts. Lock in this guy this confidence!

So there you have it. Selwood and Cox the main picks this week with a little daylight between 2nd and 3rd picks. Flip a coin, both these top 2 boys will be awesome. All the best and I hope you drill a ripper!
See ya next week!





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