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The Game Plan (DT Style): Round 10

After some lean weeks in the past weeks, Dream Team showed us all why we love it, with most scoring 2200+. Big stars such as Riewoldt and Goddard returned to form and the Buddy show continued to roll. If you took my advice and put Heath Shaw in your team, then I’m sorry but he that is only a one off thing.

After some lean weeks in the past weeks, Dream Team showed us all why we love it, with most scoring 2200+. Big stars such as Riewoldt and Goddard returned to form and the Buddy show continued to roll. If you took my advice and put Heath Shaw in your team, then I’m sorry but he that is only a one off thing.

Get Him IN!

Top of the list this week goes to Demons debutant, Michael Evans after his stunning 112 debut. Evans looked at home in the Red & Blue and will hold his spot for quite some time. His $80,400 price tag makes him all the more appealing. If he can produce this form again this week, he is going straight into my team.

Liam Shiels starred for the Hawks on Sunday, posting an impressive 131. A DT surprise packet this year, Shiels has taken his game to another level with an average of just over 103. His last three weeks have produced scores of 108,122 and 131 just recently. At about $375,000, he is a worthy buy.

Another Demon makes the list mainly for the fact Sandilands is injured. Stefan Martin is in wonderful touch posting two 100+ performances in his last 2 outings. This is mainly due to the Big Russian being injured, but Martin is capable of going forward and kicking a couple. If you need some decent coverage for Sandi in the coming weeks, Stefan is your man!


If you’re playing for a league win and are looking likely to make the finals you will need to work out how many you are going to need. If you reckon Top 4 is within reach, you’re looking at 6 or 7 trades needed come finals time. So when trading we need to keep in mind our finals strategy and long term game plan. I suggest that you need to start making some upgrades/downgrades in the coming weeks, then sit back and only trade if you need to i.e. LTI’s, Long term suspension. Most teams are starting to take shape after 10 rounds and you would be looking to have the bulk of your side finalised in the next month to 6 weeks.

Fyfe vs. Ablett

A big decision on who to upgrade to out of Fyfe and Ablett has puzzled coaches. Well here are some stats to help you out.

Ablett Fyfe
2011 Average: 

102.5 103
Byes Left: 

0 1

$404,900 $378,600

76 61
Next 3 opponents: 

10 Average

119 68.1

No Yes (FWD,MID)

Score: Ablett 3, Fyfe 4.

Fyfe takes the points but the glaring fact is that Gazza averaged over 50 more points than Nat last year. We all know what Gazza can produce and seem to be getting more match fitness. I’m going Ablett

Down the track

Some of our favourite Dream Team players have produced some fairly poor scores due to injuries and being the sub. Prices have dropped and BE’s have risen, this can only mean one thing. Wait a few weeks and they will be ripe for the picking. Higgins and Didak are at the top of this list at the moment. Didak ($300,900) has a BE of 155 and Higgins (358,900) has a BE of 174. Both these players are DPP’s and are capable of some very good footy. I would target Didak after Collingwood’s second bye in Round 13 and wait until Higgins returns to a price somewhere around $300,000. Others to think about down the track:

Nick Dal Santo ($351,400, BE/ 174)- Could be a unique upgrade target and if the Saints get going so will Nicky Dal. Not going all that bad this season with an average 91 this year.

Jonathan Brown ($361,000, BE/ 146) – The Lions captain made a stellar comeback, leading the Lion’s to their first victory in 2011. He hasn’t experienced a price rise/fall yet but will most likely fall and keep falling, we hope. Browny kicked 4 and will only get better. Hopefully he can fall to around $310,000- $320,000 in the next month. If he does then get him IN!

Cyril Rioli ($332,100, BE/ 133) – Cyril made a return last week and did not set the world on fire with a poor score of 55. Wait for two more weeks then think about throwing Cyril into your forward line.

Finally, Dion is back!

He hasn’t been sighted since Round 4, and is in most of our teams. Some have already pulled the trigger but the ones who haven’t will be richly rewarded this week when he comes in for his fourth game. He is capable of a big score, posting 100 against the Dogs in Round 3. Expect a healthy price rise as his breakeven is -11 and a score somewhere around the 70 mark. Don’t place him on the field as he could be used as sub.

The Big INS

In: Daniel Nicholson Liam Anthony, Lewis Johnston, Daniel Harris, Maverick Weller, Dion Prestia, Josh Cowan, Aidan Riley, Taylor Walker, Lachlan Keeffe, Alex Fasolo, Andrew Gaff, Jacob Brennan, Christian Howard, Mitch Wallis, Jordan Lisle

What this means for your team? 9 players are set to make their debut this weekend in Nicholson, Johnston, Cowan, Riley, Keeffe, Fasolo, Brennan, Howard and Lisle. Nicholson, Johnston and Cowan are certain starters, but wait on the others until Friday. Lewis Johnston has been on my radar all year and will come into my team if he fires. Lachlan Keeffe could provide cover for some teams with Sandi out. Dion Prestia in, as mentioned, will put a huge smile on the faces of some coaches. Dan Harris returns for the Suns and could be a handy 7th mid if you still have him. Wallis and Gaff could provide cover for the injured Watson and potentially Swan, but let’s worry about that when it happens! Watch the 9 debutants especially Johnston.

The Big OUTS

Out: Luke Tapscott, Aaron Davey, Kieran Harper, Shane Mumford, Andrejs Everitt, Aaron Sandilands, Jamie Cripps, Joseph Daye, Seb Tape, Corey Enright, Allen Christensen, Tom Rockliff, Lindsay Gilbee

What this means for your team? Tapscott should be on the chopping block this week anyway after a $10,000 drop in price. Harper was a popular downgrade option in recent weeks; hopefully this opens the door for C-Rich. Big Mummy and Big Sandi will hurt nearly every Ruck line up. Zac Smith is your best bet and should carve up the Cats in the ruck with Ottens out. Most have gotten rid of Everitt but if you haven’t get him out! Gold Coast defenders Tape and Daye go out, but keep them as they will certainly get another go. Enright was a popular replacement for Grimes a fortnight ago, but don’t stress he will be back next week. Rockliff was a somewhat unique midfield pick at the start of the year. He’s out for up to 2 weeks apparently, so keep him. Some looked at Gilbee after his 6 goal performance, well he’s out so don’t even think about it.

Final Word

Approaching the mid point of the season, teams are starting to take shape. Tom Lynch needs to be thought about as a downgrade option. Fyfe or Ablett? Who would you go with? My prediction is that Franklin will kick 8, and top score DT this week. Chappy will carve up the Suns and score 130 to 140 points. Good Luck!





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