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Trade Talk Tuesday

Tony Tawk is back with his view on who to hold or fold. This is the patform for you to discuss all things trade, including your regrets (NIck Lower)

  • Roy

What a great week. One of the highest scoring weeks I’ve ever witnessed. Everyone’s feeling great and they’re won’t be many trades this week. So many 2000’s and I got one of my career-high scores of 2232. If the players keep this up, they’re won’t be many people on the chopping block.

It’s that time of year where we really get to see how we’re doing. How have we been going so far? What changes do we need to make? Many coaches start to set their teams up around now for the 2nd half of the season. Our cash-cows begin to drop, and we start to bring in more premiums.

On the chopping block round 9-

Who to get rid of-

5. Rohan Bewick- As I said earlier in the season, get rid of a rookie once they start going down in price, and Bewick is guilty. He’s been getting some sh*t scores too, so I would either put him on the bench and keep him there, or trade him.

4. Luke Tapscott- Tapscott is another rookie who has gone down. He’s also injured and might be out. He was getting sh*t scores anyway so I would trade him.

3. Darren Jolly- I said to wait to see the full extent of his knee injury, and we have seen it. Jolly is out for 4-6 weeks, so get him out. Hopefully he can recover quickly and be back before the finals because he is Collingwood’s most important player and I don’t think Wood will do to well.

2. Aaron Davey – Been really consistent and good over the past few years but this year he has dropped and has been getting some sh*t scores. I would get rid of him pretty soon.

1. You know what? There’s no number 1 this week. Everyone’s reward for such a great week. Great effort by all players and coaches. Yeah!! Woo!!

Wait a few weeks on-

Alan Didak- Again, Didak is in here. He was the sub this week, so you can’t really blame him for getting a sh*t score. He should hit his peak very soon, and you’ll be happy to have him then.

Patrick Dangerfield- Hes been a bit inconsistent lately, but he’s still showed some good signs. I would keep him for a few more weeks to see how he goes.

Who to get in-

Luke Shuey- This guy really is playing some great footy. His game against the Bulldogs was great and hopefully he keeps up his form. He’s been abit inconsistent, but he still looks to be a good buy.

 Daisy Thomas- He wasn’t a very popular buy at the start of the season, but I’m sure more coaches would want him in their teams. He’s been averaging 102 so far this season and got a great score of 133 this week. Get him in.

Heath Scotland – One of the most consistent players in the AFL, Scotland’s lowest score this year has been 79 and his highest 128. His a great player and his DPP makes him a better buy.

Who saved themselves-

Brendon Goddard – We were all thinking about trading him. Deep down we knew we couldn’t trade Goddard. This week he showed his true potential once again and hopefully he’s hit his peak and will continue his form throughout the rest of the season.

Nick Lower- There was massive hype surrounding this guy in the pre-season. Then as the season gradually went on, we though to ourselves “Why?”. He was getting sh*t scores. But this week, he killed it and got us a great score. Lower has persuaded coaches around the country to keep him for the future.

Nick Duigan – He was just about to start going down with 1 more sh*t score, but he came out and gave us a good score this week. Duigan proved to us his worth as a 7th defender or bench player. Keep him in.

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Who saved themselves:

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