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Don’t dream it’s over

Warren has emailed us and said that he had “blown his season in one foul swoop”… he wants this to be a warning for others. Read on for his tragic tale.

Pt 1. The F Bomb

Everyone’s favourite quote is FMDT, I mean we sit for hours pondering the perfect team, reading the articles that commend our judgements or open our eyes to new and exciting possibilities. We check injury updates and some even follow the magoo’s to see who might be the new dark horse (should that be dark cow?). Its one third of the way thru the season and by now teams are settling into long term outlooks and solid coaches are outlining trading schemes and season long keeper/downgrade/upgrade outlooks.

This last week I took the step of making a spreadsheet to outline the next six weeks of DT. My preferred trading regime, my manipulation of MPP to maximise the output of my bench according to byes and a goal to have my side settled after the Pies 2nd bye. It was all too easy, it all seemed to be falling into place and my team ranked 650 in the world was on its way to a top 100 finish.

Then in FanFooty terms : I  “flowered” up

Due to unforseen circumstances my usual work schedule was interupted on Friday and I was not in my office impatiently waiting for Friday teams to be updated. The grand plan was to bring in Hibberd for Markovic and upgrade Tapscott to Fyfe. It was already marked off on my spreadsheet, just needing confirmation of Hibberd making the cut. I was so far out of my usual headspace that it wasn’t until 4.5 minutes til lockout that I realised I hadn’t done my team. And I wasn’t sitting at a computer either, I was driving in my car.

I pulled over at the next opportunity, whipped my iPhone out and loaded up the site, waiting, waiting, waiting. I look at my dashboard 3 minutes… that clock is fast.. surely .. surely…SURELY! It loads up and I log in, 1 min 45 seconds to lock out, holy hell. Need to downgrade Markovic to have enough cash to get Fyfe, im tap a hole into my screen on that little T under his name. Waiting, waiting and then who do I want to trade in… no-one on the first list of names and no ability to scroll, Im dying here! I tap “Players I can afford” and finally get Hibberd ready to go…


“shower, flower, power, flower”

Pt 2. The Fallout

My good pal Watson who has been killing it this season is sitting on my ground, cooking up a donut, my bench emergency is Isaac Smith, who isn’t playing, off to visit the General. So I’m starting the round about 115 pts behind the 8 ball.

Luke Tapscott scores a wonderful 16 pts before doing a hammy, Fyfe scores 120 in an almost BOG performance. Hmm there goes 104 pts I’ll never see. Markovic gets his average of 31, no price gain there, and Hibberd smashes an 80 and its his third game so I miss his price rise. There goes $50k I’ll never see.

Im now one week back in my schedule of upgrades, Rockliff gets injured and with Watson still out I may need to make a move there too, two trades aren’t going to cover it this week. I’m out of eliminator and I’m waiting to see how far I drop in rankings, it might be season over.

One thing is certain however, I have an alarm reminder set for every Friday afternoon til season’s end.





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