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The Game Plan (DT Style): Round 9

Everything in the DT world was restored last weekend with most teams posting 2000+. Gold coast have the bye this week and this is more of an opportunity for us to wait a week before making decisions on Downgrade/Upgrade options in Ablett, Lynch, Matera etc.

Everything in the DT world was restored last weekend with most teams posting 2000+. Gold coast have the bye this week and this is more of an opportunity for us to wait a week before making decisions on Downgrade/Upgrade options in Ablett, Lynch, Matera etc. But more on that later, hope you enjoy this week’s edition and hopefully we continue to stay above the 2000 mark.

8th Defender?

The topic lately has been trading out all these so called cash cows and taking the money to use on premiums we planned to get pre-season. I for one am a believer in this strategy but this year with the byes I think we may need to re do our plans. You need at least one back up player on your bench that will play almost every game i.e. Duigan. You can call it your 8th defender, 7th midfielder, 3rd ruck or 8th forward but you still need a consistent performer who you can call on the offer coverage. I made the mistake in trading out Duigan to make some cash. Nick will play almost every game for Carlton this season and is a lock as an 8th defender. Zac Smith is an obvious in the ruck department, so hold him. But the forwards and midfielders are a worry. The other day I worked out my trading plan for the next few weeks and this involved cutting Libba and Dan Harris to get the likes of Hodge and Ablett. Then I realised I need to keep one of this pair as my 7th midfielder. This has made me more confused on what I should do, what are your plans and who is your spare in each position?

Mzungu anyone?

Scrolling through the injury lists earlier this week I discovered that popular pre-season picks Ian Callinan and Tendai Mzungu are on the comeback trail. Callinan wasn’t listed on Adelaide’s injured list and Mzungu was listed as having a test, which can only mean they aren’t too far away. I’m not saying get them in this week it’s urgent, all I’m saying is watch out for them and maybe work them into your trading plans somehow. This got me thinking, out of the no-gamers who do I need to work into my plans and put on my ‘watch list’? Here are some names you should think about.

Josh Green (BRIS, $92,500) – Tasmanian who has dominated at QAFL level already this year, provides dash from half back and was named emergency last week. With an injury to Polkinghorne, Green could debut this week.

Lachlan Keefe (COLL, $92,500) – Seems to be on the fringe after a promising NAB Cup display, named emergency last week and with Maxwell, Brown and Jolly under an injury cloud, Keefey could get his chance

Lewis Johnston (SYD, $97,600) – Has been named emergency in the past few weeks after being a high draft pick in recent years. Yet to make an appearance in the Red & White, but this will soon change.

Get Him IN!

Nat Fyfe continues his good form with a solid score of 114against the Weagles. Nat was a mid pricer heading into season 2011 but is now a genuine premium. With an average of 100, you should be getting this second year gem in your side. Don’t let the BE of 112 scare you off. This kid is the real deal.

At the cheap price of $327,000 you can get Hawthorn captain and DT proven point’s scorer, Luke Hodge. Hodgey has had a slow start to season 2011, he is well and truly back after his score of 134 against the Saints. His BE is 42 so if you’re going to get him it’s either this week or next because this Hawk is about to take off.

Gazza returned to his brilliant best at the weekend with a massive 156 points against Adelaide. With 41 touches and 5 goals, Gary Ablett is one player you need to get in your team for a reasonably cheap price of $404,900. With Gold Coast’s second bye this weekend, all the more reason to get him in!

Heath Shaw has surprised many this year with an average of just fewer than 100 in the first 8 rounds. His last three games have brought scores of 110,117 and 124, on current form he should get 131 this week! 

Tom Lynch. The kid is a DT jet after scores of 95 and 92 in his first two games, and a healthy BE of -92 to go with it, Lynch is definitely a player you should be getting in your team. An added bonus of playing with the Gold Coast means he could have sewed up a spot in the 22 for the rest of the year. Could be your 8th forward, I’m locking him in!

The Big Ins and Outs

Ins: Leigh Montagna, Nicky Winmar, Jasper Pittard, Rhys Palmer, Tendai Mzungu, Jono Brown, Josh Green, Luke Delaney, Brent Stanton, Lachlan Keefe, Aidan Riley, Lewis Johnston, Nick Malceski, Max Bailey, Cyril Rioli, Jordan Lisle, Andrew Embley, Daniel Kerr, Shaun Higgins, Mitch Wallis.

What this means for your team? 3 favourite premium midfielders in Montagna, Stanton and Embley return to boost a wide range of Dream Teams. 8 players are set to make their debut this weekend in Mzungu, Riley, Lisle, Keefe, Winmar, Johnston, Delaney and Green. Riley, Lisle, Keefe and Johnston are no certainties but I would be jumping on Mzungu and Green. Jono Brown returns for his first game since round 1, Nick Malceski could boost defences in the coming weeks and the long awaited return of Higgins is finally upon eager DT coaches. Max Bailey could become a ruck option, fingers crossed he doesn’t injury his knee again. Good luck Max!

Outs: Jason Gram, Jayden Pitt, Jobe Watson, David Hale, Isaac Smith.

What this means for your team? Gram was a popular replacement for Grimes last week but finds himself on the outer, if you have him then hold him because a run in the 2’s might be the best thing for him. A hamstring injury will keep Captain Jobe out for up to 3 weeks, don’t get rid of him, he’s just too good. Hawks pair David Hale and Isaac Smith go out due to injury. Trade out Hale, he’s useless anyway. Wait on Isaac Smith, still think he has more to offer.

Final Word

Sorry in advance for saying Mzungu, Johnston, Green and Keefe were on the fringe and then they were announced as ins. Did the first half earlier in the week and only did the teams when they came out. Good Luck this week and watch out for those 8 rookies mentioned earlier. Don’t go crazy with trades and wait until final teams are done later today before making decisions. My prediction this week is that Matt Boyd will post a score of 140+, so pen him in as captain.





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