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Calvin's Captains

Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 8

Arrggg – So you’ve come back… and I thankyou for that. After being let down last week by some of the biggest guns in the world of DT, we attack round 8 with a new sense of hope and this week, it will be different. So stop looking at me (and Presti) thinking over there and go in and check out what I have for you this week.

“You Suck Calvin!”

So people have told me. Last week, Chappy and Bartel let us down during the absence of our Collingwood boys… not me. I wasn’t the one out there not getting kicks! Who knew that they would have one of their worst scores for years? Not me or you for that matter… and remember who clicks on your captain? YOU! I’m just a drunk Irish pirate who tells you too ha ha…

So, my hand is up anyway saying… I will take the blame. I’m sorry and I will lift! Arrgg

Anyway, I can take the criticism and the bagging out, but seriously… death threats are a little overboard, and you might need to check yourself into some DT Therapy.  Seriously.

Friday Night Delight


Of course we need to look at the great Dane Swan and Scott Pendlebury. Let’s start with the number 10, Scott Pendlebury, who averages just 98 in his last 3 against the mighty Cats. He had 113 (24d) in his last game against them which happens to be his highest score in his career of 7 games against them. Last time Pendles was at the MCG, he managed just 87… but he did have a huge 166 before that. Over the last 2 years, Pendles has cracked the 100+ mark an impressive 77% of the time at the MCG and although his history Vs the Cats isn’t great, he should be solid again this week. Dane Swan has been a little Friday night specialist this year with scores of 116 and 131 so far. He averages 121 on the Cats in his last 3 games and is coming off a 141 (33d) he had on them when the Pies and Cats met in the Preliminary Final last year. Although he had just 96 in his last game at the MCG… he should lift under the lights in this massive blockbuster.


The big 3 –  Let’s have a look at Bartel, Chappy and Selwood. Jimmy Bartel had a nice 117 last time these guys met and before that he had scores of 78, 125, 147 and 106 (over the last 2 years). Jimmy loves the big stage and has averaged a nice 119 at the MCG so far this year. Paul Chapman let us (me) down last week and posted one of his worst scores in a long time. Last time he played the Pies he had just 92, his second lowest score of 2010. That 92 though… was his only score less than 100+ in his last 5 against them. Chappy is going for his 8th triple figure score at the MCG in a row and has already had a big 130 next to his name from there already this year. Joel Selwood’s lowest score against the Pies is just 96 in his last 4 games and although he had 100 in his last… he only averages 97 in his last 3 against them. Meaning Joel hasn’t had a massive score on the Pies for quite a while. He is averaging 117 in his last 3 this year and his form is red hot and you can add that to the 134 he had at the MCG in his last game.

Did You Know?

That Dane Swan averages 112 at the MCG so far this year compared to the 150 he averages at Etihad Stadium? Just another pointless stat! Moving on…

Port and Brisbane Suck

Yeah they do…So who plays them? Jobe Watson plays the Lions and will rip them to bits. He had just 58 in his last against them (hurt ankle with a Rockliffe tag didn’t help) but before that he had very solid numbers with 91 being his lowest against them in his last 4. He had 128 in his last at the GABBA and if Brennan (132) and Risky-telli (131) can crave up the Lions, Jobe will do it with ease! Adam Goodes plays the Power and as good at this sounds… it’s not that goodes (boom tish). With 0x100+ scores in his last 7 against them and scores of 47 and 76 at the SCG recently… you couldn’t do it, could you?

What About Boyd?

I will mention him here so I don’t have to answer this question 100 times later on. Matthew Boyd plays the Tigers and had 105 in his last game against them, which just happened to be his highest score against them in his last 3. In his career, Boyd has played the Tigers 11 times, for just 2×100+ scores… can you believe that? Anyway, in the last 3 games this year he has averaged 128 and finds himself back at Etihad where he has scored 100+ a nice 85% of the time in the last 2 years. History says ‘no’, but everything else is saying ‘yes’.


So there you have it. I’m pretty confident that I have this right. But I think we have heard that before, right? Ha ha ha, Nah … I got this one! Good luck and if you are like me right now with people missing (Grimes, Stevie J, Curnow, Montagna, Higgins, Otten…) you will need all the luck you can get and by drilling a BIG captain, it will certainly help!

See ya next week.





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