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Trade Rules: Sideways Trades

From Tristan: Just thought I’d write you an email as there’s been a lot of talk about the “Don’t Trade Until Friday” rule on the site lately, but I really wish someone had slapped me around the head and stopped me making some sideways trades!

I’m having my worst season of Dream Team ever and just had my worst score ever of 1,624. FMDT!!!

But things had started going horribly wrong from the first of Richmond vs Carlton and after two rounds I was ranked 40,786. It was at this point that I did something very foolish, I made two sideways trades.

I’d watched the players I was getting in, they were playing excellent football, and I’d watched the players I was getting rid of, they were struggling, but hindsight is now kicking me and telling me it was the wrong decision. There were definitely other trades I could have made that were better, but I went with the sideways trades. WRONG!

But as it happened, after two rounds I traded Robin Nahas for Chris Dawes and Andrew Swallow for Andrew Embley. Hasn’t exactly worked out.

  • Robin Nahas – 51, 62, 94, 26, 98, 138, 136 – average 86
  • Chris Dawes – 119, 112, 99, 86, 76, 54, bye – average 91
  • My Returns – 51, 62, 99, 86, 76, 54, bye – average 71


  • Andrew Swallow – 114, 77, bye, 118, 109, 68, 71 – average 92
  • Andrew Embley – 115, 155, 95, 105, bye, 81, 63 – average 102
  • My Returns – 114, 77, 95, 105, bye, 81, 63 – average 89

So two trades spent, in the most crucial round of trading, and they actually sent me backwards rather than forwards.

Following this discovery, I went the step further and did an analysis of my team and how it would have scored to date if I hadn’t made a single trade. I kept Pendlebury as Bartel as my consistent captains and picked the subs based on the information before the round and the result was amazing:

My actual score after round 7 : 13,079

My score if I had made zero trades : 13,219

I would have 140 more points if I hadn’t traded! And let me point out that I’ve traded out players like Broughton, Palmer, Everitt and Irons. I’d been blaming my poor starting selection for my poor season, but it looks like I have no idea how to trade either!

Hopefully you guys can use some of this for an article to put out there reminding people how bad sideways trades can be (and if not I’ve had my say and my friends wont try to beat me up for whinging again about how crap my dream team is going).


Tristan (Swamp Dragon)





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