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All-Stars League Update: Round 7

The coach of Team Flossy, Amanda wanted a report on the All-Stars league… well, just because we are going crap and you defeated the invicible team destROY in points, here’s your chance to gloat!

Time for a well overdue update on the DT Talk Allstars League!

After the dreadful MBR’s were finally over, we were all excited to get back into some real competition in our leagues. I’m happy to say that after losing in Rnd 3 to Roy, Team FLOSSY is back on the winners list and holding the number 2 spot on the ladder!

Here’s how the rest of the league went:

Below is how the league ladder stands

Unfortunately Dr. Dream Team is leading everyone on total points scored, but the rest of us are pretty keen to see that change.

Best of luck in round 8!





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