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Dream Team Stock Market – R7

Each week I will put in a simple format, important players who are likely to drop or gain a significant amount in value. I will inform you who and when certain players are likely to peak and who is going to be at a bargain basement price. For the newer players to the game of DT here is a simple guide to getting the most out of your money/team.


Each week I will put in a simple format, important players who are likely to drop or gain a significant amount in value.  I will inform you who and when certain players are likely to peak and who is going to be at a bargain basement price. For the newer players to the game of DT here is a simple guide to getting the most out of your money/team.

What a week.

A princess got married and the bad guy was killed. But the most traumatising/enthralling thing to happen to all of us (no disrespect to anyone involved directly or indirectly to the earlier mentioned) was Dream Team Round 6. It was sh*thouse and so low scoring in fact, my 1900 was the 2892 highest score of the round and shot me back into the top 2%.Personally, I am happy with that, but for people that aren’t happy, I am here to cheer you up!

With so much talk of downgrading, upgrading, sideways trading etc. Chill, take a deep breath, grab a beer and digest the following information before the team selections tonight, then, plan your trades. Plenty of ideas being floated about. But this is where all the action is. The Dream Team Stock Market.

Hats off to everyone last week on some fantastic help/info being provided in the comments section. Also a shout out to everyone who has added me on Twitter so far and the one’s the mailed me directly. I endeavour to reply as soon as I arrive back from work on Thursdays and sometimes I can answer your questions, during breaks!

So this week we will all be glad to see the return of Geelong, Hawthorn and Fremantle to boost our poor depleted dream team stocks. On the other end of the scale 160,000 coaches are going to be without the great Dane as Collingwood have the bye. So hopefully @CalvinDT has helped you picked your captain for the week and now all you have to do is make the tough choices if your planning on trading.

Remember, if you have any questions you need answered, information you wish to obtain, a request for next week or have the location of a known terrorist. Your best bet is to jump on Twitter (sign up if you don’t have it) and hit me up as it’s by far, the easiest way to get in touch quickly. Or alternatively flick me an email and I will endeavour to answer your questions, pronto! Or of course, be consumed in the comments section below where many other DTers are there to lend a hand.

Happy DTing!

Twitter: @Aki_DT


Thanks For The Cash:

Nick Duigan – $217,500 $7,900 ($125,000) If you are trying to find a person to downgrade, then the time is now or next week (when Carlton has the bye) to ship Duigan out. He has a B/E of 76 this week and is up against St Kilda on Monday. Which means we won’t know for sure if he is going to be picked. Has played in all 6 games this year for the Blues with scores of 51, 73, 75, 93, 53 & 43. Don’t get me wrong, if you are contemplating keeping Duigan, there is nothing wrong with that also.

  • Show me the money: Has made you a solid $125,000. Which isn’t too bad for a defender.
  • Suggested downgrade options: M.Hibberd, L.Thompson, B.Jacobs, P.Puopolo.

Jake Batchelor – $146,700 $16,600 ($54,000) Hasn’t been the most productive of money makers, but has been a handy back up considering the crazyiness of DT during the Multi-Bye rounds. Breakeven is only 16 this week and is up against Freo at the ‘G. Also is carrying a little injury, when I am sure Richmond won’t risk him whatsoever.If he does play, could gain another $10,000 in value.

  • Show me the money: A pretty lame $54,000. Not worth waiting on to gain more.
  • Suggested downgrade options: M.Hibberd, B.Jacobs, P.Puopolo, C.Pedersen.


Show Me The Money:

Broc McCauley – $123,200 $42,800 ( $42,800) Broccoli has just had his first price rise of the year with scores of 36, 86 & 74 and his job security is looking great for the near future. A more than handy 4th ruckmen for any side, if you are looking to include him, get on him now as you don’t want to be paying anymore than this for your 4th string ruck. Has a B/E this week of -62 vs the new arch rival of Brisbane, the Gold Coast Suns. Set to rise another $42,000 with another solid performance.

  • Current Form Value: Around $240,000. But that’s including his 1st score of 36.

David Ellard – $249,200 ($0) If your looking for a unique pick and a quick cash burst, even though your initial outlay is a lot higher, than Ellard is your man. His first price rise is looking like being around the $40,000 mark after scores so far of 112 & 100. B/E is -14 and is up against St Kilda on Monday.

  • Current Form Value: A solid $400,000. Only early though.

Sam Butler $269,900 ↑$ 26,100 ( $26,100) Another one from left field, but man he looked good on Thursday night against the Dees. Scored a very nice 122, to improve on his first 2 scores of 50 & 98. Price to rise another $30,000 this week with a B/E of -6.

  • Current Form Value: Above $340,000. That will increase this week.

Nick Lower – $162,300 ↑$25,300 ( ↑$69,800) Had the bye this week and looks set to kick on where he left off. Is up against a resurgent Richmond side with a B/E of -11. Still lots of money to be made from Nick, with another price rise of $27,000 looking likely this week. Still cheap too!

  • Current Form Value: Smidge under $270,000 but if he keeps it improving, expect more.

Sam Iles – $110,400 ($0) The ex-Collingwood Tasmanian is another Sun readying for his first price rise of roughly $32,000. Kicked a couple of nice goals in the Suns horrific loss to the Bombers on Sunday. Should hold his spot the week and be regular in the Suns team. You won’t find none fitter than Sam. Has a B/E of -33 vs Brisbane this week. If you’re looking for a downgrade target, might be an option.

  • Current Form Value: Above $230,000. Still early.

Mitch Wallis – $92,500 ($0) The “other” Bulldog rookie gun mid-fielder. Mitch’s price rise will be not as fruitful early, due to his first sub affected score of 10. Had a handy 70 last week against a tough Magpie outfit and I hope he holds his spot as he looks a great player. Has a B/E of -6 vs Sydney this week and if he can pump out another 70+, will rise about $27,000. This figure will grow once his 10 is out of his rolling average. Could be a handy downgrade target.

  • Current Form Value: Based on scores. Only $150,000. Still early.

Edward Curnow – $284,100 $27,900 ( ↑187,700) Still going strong! B/E of 30 this week vs St Kilda. Scored a season high 115 last week in the wet vs Sydney and as @RoyDT puts it, he doesn’t know what the term cash cow is, as he might just be a keeper! But if not, another $23,000 will be added to his value with another solid game.

  • Current Form Value: Up above $370,000 now. Boom.

Dyson Heppell – $278,800 $27,400 ( $146,300) Hep’s mum has a sense of humour. She knew the Bombers were playing Gold Coast and just assumed it would be an easy game in which Dyson would be “rested”, clever mum. But still, never do that again Mrs Heppell! Now we are all paranoid that Dyson will get a rest soon, rest assured, his position in the Bombers best 21, is not in question. Has a B/E of 31 vs West Coast this week and his price is growing nicely. Another $20,000 would be about right this week.

  • Current Form Value: Up above $325,000 which is fantastic.

Andrew Krakouer – $193,200 ↑$22,200 (↑$53,700) What’s this? A backflip? I will be the first too admit when I am wrong and I apologize. The signs weren’t looking good and as a massive Magpie supporter, I was sure he was going to spend some time in the VFL.  Also, we are all the first to jump onto AFL’s teams coaches for sacrificing our DT players ability to produce. My hat is not only off to Andrew Krakouerjack, but it’s also off to Mick Malthouse for showing faith in Krak and watching him gather 26 possessions and 2 goals, one being a nominee for goal of the year. A sublime 113 last week. Even though the Pies have the bye this week, he deserves a mention. I hope everyone jumped off Cam Rich instead of Krak. Thank god I did also.

  • Current Form Value: Just over the $260,000 mark. Improving.


Stocks Plummeting:

Luke Hodge – $358,000 $37,100 ( $70,300) Hopefully the week off has helped Hodgey shake his early season form and niggling injury. Remember, this bloke averaged over 100 last year! Has his role changed? I don’t think so. He just looks like he is finding it hard to get into games, but he will, soon. Has a B/E of 177 this week and his price will drop a fair bit more, around $37,000. Mega bargain? Or a sign of things to come? That call is all yours, but he is such an exciting bargain to be.

  • Get on board tip: Round 10 for an incredible $300,000.

Gary Ablett – $434,000 $29,700 ( $60,400) Timing things perfectly to jump on after Gold Coast’s last bye in Round 9. Ablett Jnr, has been consistent but no-where near his old DT slutty self. That was to be expected with a new team, new teammates and new surroundings. But this champion will respond and could well be the biggest inclusion come Round 10. McMammoth B/E of 180 this week vs Brisbane which I am tipping Ablett so shine. Price set to fall $30,000 this week.

  • Get on board tip: Round 10 for possibly under $410,000. Remember, this is G.Ablett!

Adam Goodes – $373,000 $26,200 ( $20,200) 47. That is the figure Goodes gave us last weekend in the wet. Bad if you have him, bloody awesome if you don’t! Everyone knows Goodesy destroys the 2nd half of the year, it was just so kind of him to help lower his price! Has a B/E of 172 this week, will drop roughly $29,000 or so.

  • Get on board tip: Round 9 for possibly under $325,000.

Brendon Goddard – $400,800 $15,700 ( $70,200) I just don’t know what to think regarding St Kilda, and to be honest, it was always going to happen. The Pies lost back to back flags in 2002-03 and the following year, finished 14th. But still, surely Goddard can still find the footy and lead from the front, he just has too. B/E is a reachable for Goddard, 126. While there is every chance he may sneak under $400k. If you don’t have him, highly consider him next week.

  • Get on board tip: This week or next week for about $400,000 or less.

Brady Rawlings – $332,400 $8,100 ( $51,900) Maybe you’re looking for another defender to boost your stocks down back? Broughton to Rawlings anyone? Brady has reached the 3 figures twice this year and is averaging 85 so far. B/E is 72 and there is a fair chance he is set for a price rise. So if you want to be a little different, why not?

  • Get on board tip: Right now for his current price.





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