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To Trade or not to Trade… that is (or was!) the question

Fellow Dt’ers, haven’t spoken to you for a few weeks now as I focus on work of all things (how dare it get in the way of my DT!).

Follow your Head……not your heart!

Fellow Dt’ers, haven’t spoken to you for a few weeks now as I focus on work of all things (how dare it get in the way of my DT!).

I thought I would touch base with you all and provide you with a lesson in DT that I should have learnt by now, and Its fair to say that I am defiantly not here to gloat, as I have just come off the worst ever score I have had in DT in the 5 years I have been playing. 1680. There. I have said it. 1680 is easily the worst score I have ever had. I would like to apologise to my supporters, my sponsors and most of all my family for the shame I have brought to the name Cousins Coke n Ice.

Now how on earth did this happen! Only 2 weeks ago I was averaging 2003 points per game (not great, but it was dead set level to the actual point with Calvin at that stage, one of the greatest and most respected DT’ers of all time!).

I will now outline how this atrocity occurred. It’s painful to think about it, but it’s therapeutic at the same time. Here we go!!!!

  • Round 5…..Monday Trade. Harry Taylor out, Michael Coad in. Classic example of why you don’t Monday Trade. Harry Taylor had just come of a 22 point game from memory and you could see the steam expelling from my ears when I logged on to check how it all went. As soon as I saw it…BANG! The T button was hit and he was outta there quicker than Osama bin Laden was buried at sea (supposedly, but that is a matter for another day). It would have been 15 minutes after the frantic “F%$k off Harry Taylor” that I was driving in my car hearing on SEN that Coad had ripped his hamstring off the bone – Out for up to 8 weeks. I had a very sick feeling that things were about to unravel……..
  • Same mistake, Monday trade. Round 5, sayonara Foley (my patience didn’t quite last!) hello Scott Thompson. Fair to say its not the worst trade, and the fact I did it on the Monday didn’t matter, but the pursuing weeks have cost me with Foley (whom I said in a pre season video for the DT Talk boys was easily the best pick up this year) really getting his backside into gear. I’m a mad Richmond nut, so Foley, if your reading this, feel free to keep kicking me in the guts over that decision!
  • Round 6. Time to fix the Coad stuff up. “Geez, that Cam Pederson is due a game, he has been named on an extended bench, surely after the loss to the Tigers and the piss poor effort North thrown up, he is due to play!”. Ba bow. More donuts for me……..


Add to these trading stuff ups, I also have Boak, Higgins and Yarran in my team in addition to all of the premiums that I have from Freo, Geelong and Hawthorn! In total, Round six I finished with 4 Donuts as well as crap scores (I know most were in the same position with these scores, but 1680 is a seriously devastating result).

The moral to this story, and I try only to tell you all stories about what not to do and reinforce why you shouldn’t, is that it is imperative in this game to follow your head and not your heart.

Its not new advice, but I hope that you can all learn from my lesson and before you hit the T button, you think back to this story, and wait until Friday before pulling the trigger!

The other lesson (I might call it the Foley or the Krackour) is that you need to trust your original gut instincts. I chose Foley because I felt he was an elite player. If anything, he was going to be a nice cash cow for later in the year to either upgrade or downgrade. Krakour falls into this category as well. Sometimes players returning from injury (or the big house) will have up and down weeks, but eventually they will make you cash if their price was low. I pulled the trigger way to early on Foley because I didn’t use my head.

I hope this serves a lesson for all of you!

On a Side note, has anyone been keeping up to date with the #dustinmartinfacts on twitter….funny stuff, feel free to add any of your own (chuck Norris joke style!).

A couple of my favourites have been the following:

“If Dustin Martin and Chuck Norris met in a bar fight, the world would end”

“In a Past life, Dustin Martin don’t argued a horse in the chin, its ancestors today we now know as giraffes”

“Dustin Martin gave the don’t argue to Mars, that’s how we know there is no life on it.”

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