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tbetta’s Bullets: Round 6

The end of Round 6 not only means the end of the Mutli-Bye Rounds for a while, but it also means I get to unleash the Bullets. This week i take a look at the Debutants, having a Krak, getting Greedy and the Makers and Breakers from the weekend!


When the teams came out on Thursday things were looking bleak, and they didn’t improve much from there. Most teams were decimated by the MBR and injuries already, but the exclusion of Richardson and possibly Krakouer had coaches facing the prospect of multiple doughnuts. To make things worse, a few of the games were played in wet or slippery conditions, not good news for DT.

Thankfully, Heppell and Krakouer both managed to keep their spots from extended interchanges and both performed really well to provide some relief for us stressed coaches, but that was all there was to cheer about this week. Somewhere in the 1800’s was a typical score this week, and if you cracked a 1900 you were a pretty happy fella. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re over the MBR’s for a while, and are looking forward to getting back to some decent scores this week.


  • Newbies

When looking at downgrades last week, there were so few options that we all had to look at a couple of debutants to avoid a 0. Ideally we’d like to be downsizing to a kid on the bubble, where we have a better idea about his ability, job security, and we can start making money off them right away. No such luxuries at this point in the season, which is possibly a negative of having that record number of many debutants in Round 1.

So some were forced to look at Hibberd and Harper to come into their sides right away, and they would have been rewarded with encouraging performances from both. Harper looked at home across the Roos half forward line, kicking a goal on the way to 61. Hibberd notched 68 after a read-hot start before junk time set in, and looked composed in his first game. Both are set to become handy downgrade options after Round 7, if you don’t already have them.

It’s probably worth mentioning that Wallis scored 70 in his first full game, after his sub-affected 10 last week. That means he’s on the bubble this week, so keep an eye out for him.


  • Getting Greedy

If you were like me and rejected Cox’s serviceable 121 as your Captain Sneaky Second Option then you have learnt a lesson you’d probably rather not have to. I scoffed at Cox’s score thinking Swan was certain for 130. Instead, I suffered through his lethargic performance against the dogs which culminated in 96. For those who struggle with the maths, that’s 25 points I lost because I was greedy (not 50 as I’ve been told a few times).

So we are reminded of the whole point of the Loophole – to have two cracks at a decent Captain’s score. 121 points in the bank is a no-brainer, and next time I’ll be taking that.


  • Played a Krakouer

Shit heading I know, but it had to be done. Anyway, put your hands up if you traded out Krakouer this week? I don’t blame you. Putting up dirty scores, getting dropped from the best team going around and only being named on an extended interchange with Dick does not evoke any confidence in me either. He was all but on the way out for me until a series of events and sketchy thinking ended up in my making two trades, neither involving him. And wasn’t I happy I didn’t pull the trigger on him!

His 113 was priceless in a week where that could easily have been a doughtnut. I honestly thought he was locked into being the sub if he played at all, and he may have been if not for Johnson’s injury. As bleak as a prospect he was last week, he’s looking pretty good for the next few with a B/E of -20!


  • Makers and Breakers

We needed a few players to go big for us this week, and these are the ones who pulled through for us:


1. Martin 119

2. Cox 121

3. Curnow 115

4. Krakouer 113

5. Foley 123

The number one spot for me goes to Martin. Only 14,000 have him, but every single one of them love him. Excluding his 59 in Round 1, he has averaged 113 since then and looks set on becoming a Premium by years end. He started under 300k but has shot up $93,500, and with a BE of 27, he’s bound to go up even more. Cox is next with his 121, which was extremely handy for those who took it under the Loophole. He had more than an acceptable excuse to put in an average score this week given he is a behemoth and it was wet, but he just keeps on proving how much of a must-have he is in DT this year. Curnow is next for his 115, which included a 60pt Q2, and a 1pt Q3! Becoming more like Barlow everyday, I’m so proud of him… Krakouer gets a nod for the reasons I mentioned before – talk about coming from nowhere! He rewarded every coach that hung onto him this week. Rounding out the Top 5 Makers is Foley, who was also down-and-out a few weeks ago. But he’s topped the ton in his last two and if you held into him you’re being repaid in spades. He’s gone up almost 60k this year!



1. Riewoldt 43

2. Goodes 47

3. O’Keefe 56

4. Gibbs 67

5. Gysberts 29

Okay, I know Voldt took a knock which affected his score, but it’s not like he did anything before that. A goalless 43 is not what you’d expect from someone of his calibre, especially the when the Saints are in huge need of a captain’s knock. Almost as average are Goodes and O’Keefe from the Swans. I know it was pretty wet at the SCG and that affected the scores, but you both play for Sydney! You know, the team that prides themselves on their rough, in-and-under style of footy? I’m especially dirty on O’Keefe, who has done sweet nothing since Round 2. Perfect segue into Bryce Gibbs and why he is on the Breaker’s list this week. After back-to-back 140’s he hasn’t hit the ton once, and what’s worse, he’s going backwards. His scores read: 147, 144, 85, 89, 70, and 67. That’s a pretty clear downward trend if you ask me. Last but not least is Gysberts, who was averaging 85 before Thursday’s game after his 2 matches. For those who remember, he started last year with scores of 103, 78 and everyone traded him in, thinking he’d be a great cash cow, then he delivered… 29! That was his last game for the year. This year he started with 103, 67 and…. 29! The Gysberts curse lives on.


  • That’s a wrap

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Round 7. No more of this multi-bye crap, and league matches resume! This week only the Pies have the bye, so make certain you sub them out as usual. That of course means that Swan will be absent, but Calvin will help you find a replacement I’m sure.

With so many premiums back into starting line-ups this week, I’m envisaging a collective return to the days of 2100+. Good luck!


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