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Multi-Bye Madness 3: Round 6 Discussion

We are at the end of the stint of ‘multi-bye rounds’ for this little patch. Things will be back to normal next week, thank god… but unfortunately we have to battle this round with half of our forward lines out.

If you aren’t aware (how could you not be?!), the Hawks, Dockers and Cats share this third multi-bye round this week.

Your players should have already been subbed off and now you should be stressing about the damn teams for this round. With our forward lines decimated, there won’t be many people who will avoid a donut without having to trade. Some clever dual position work could help, but it’s going to take more than that to help teams like mine… FMDT!

Let us know how many players you have out this week and what the hell you are doing about it!

Remember: try not to trade until at least after the final teams are announced at 5pm today and even if you can hold off to see who the subs/late withdrawals are for the Friday night game.

Good luck this week!





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