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Trade Talk Tuesday

Either you have an awesome team, a lot of patients or you are like me and love spending the week working out how a trade could save your season. Here is the forum to discuss ideas and help each other out.

  • Roy

If it’s not enough that our players are getting injured and dropped, hows the frustration levels at premium priced players scoring less than rookies on a consistent basis (Greg Broughton). I mean I am totally against trading out premiums or “keepers” so to speak but when Broughton is continually getting outscored by the likes of Danny Stanley…… something has to give. At this stage in the year, I still believe you need a good reason to trade eg. I think it’s a bad idea to trade premium to premium just to avoid the bye. In my eyes that is small gain with no sustainable long term gain.

With the help of the assistant coach, here are a few players worthy of discussion under differing categories.

Cash Cows:

Tom Liberatore: 
Average:88  Break even:-77  Price:$158,900

Josh Toy:
Average: 64  Break even:-53  Price: $97,600

Brodie Smith:
Average: 71  Break even: -47  Price: $152,800


Brian Lake:
Average: 58  Break even: 201  Price: $414,300

Brendon Goddard:
Average: 86  Break even: 172  Price: $438,100

Marc Murphy:
Average: 102 Break even: 155  Price: $405,100

Jump on:

Nathan Fyfe:
Average (last 3): 106  Break even: 1  Price: $333,100

Jed Adcock:
Average (last 3): 96  Break even: -10  Price: $293,100

Get your ideas out there guys, discuss all things trade here. Have fun!!





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