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Trigger Happy

Trade Talk Tuesday

I know is early in the week, but we need to get our trade ideas out there. This is the forum to discuss all your trade ideas.

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For the first time we have a second look at a bunch of rookies before prices change. So, with the use of the Assistant coach, I have selected my top three rookies that have played only two games. Once again, at this stage you should be trading for the fun of it, but with a full season in mind. The main reasons you would consider a trade this week are injury,  you are in desperate need of cover or have missed the good cash cows.

My top 3 cows: (assuming everybody has Daniel Harris)

  1. Zac Smith: AV: 72 BE: -67
  2. Dion Prestia: AV: 80 BE: -62
  3. (our boy) Brodie Smith: AV: 65 BE: -44

It is never to early to have the eyes out for a bargain. Here are my top 3 on the radar for the next few weeks:

  1. Joel Selwood: AV: 78 BE: 183
  2. Brendon Goddard: AV: 86 BE: 171
  3. Gary Ablett: AV: 105 BE: 167

The fact that we are faced with our first multi bye round, there are bound to be a few moves. It looks as though I will be able to field a team at this stage but the scoring potential is a worry with Goddard, Riewoldt, Boyd, Rockliff and Higgins missing out of my starters.





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