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What happens if they score nothing in Dream Team?

Plenty of people have asked what happens with Jack Riewoldt’s ‘zero’ he scored last night… short answer is that it counts. Suck it up princesses!

If one of our players goes down without scoring, like Jack Riewoldt last night, the zero stands. Prior to 2010, if a player scored a donut their score wouldn’t count and you’re emergency would take his place. I would like to apologise for that rule change, albeit it’s the right way the game should be played. I sooked a lot when David Hille went down in 2009 for 0 and I lost my league match. Virtual Sports listen to the coach of the Warne Dawgs… so that changed happened! Oops.

What is interesting about Mini-Voldt is that 2,389 people brought him in for Jonathan Brown while 1,155 coaches brought him in for Mark LeCras. Ouch.

Hope you didn’t have Lenny Hayes too…





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