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Round Review

And so it begins: Round 1 Review

We are now back to yelling at the TV, computer screen and our phones because our player hasn’t touched the ball for 2 minutes. The 2011 AFL Dream Team season has begun and for the next six months, we will be sad, sad people! How did you go this round?

Round one means our weekends are gone for at least the next 24 weeks. Not because we are Footy Tragics, but because we are Dream Team Tragics! We will spend all weekend stressing about our teams and why they have gone a couple of minutes without scoring… hating it when one of our boys is copping a tag… and having a crack with our mates sending out plenty of abusive texts because their player is sucking!

Dream Team is back!

Let everyone in the DT TALK Community know how you went this round by filling out the following in the comments (copy and paste the text below and chuck your answers in).

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Round 1 Score:
League Results:
DT Studs:
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