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Hold Your Horses!

If like me, you’ve picked yourself Daniel Connors and Nathan Foley, the partial lock-out has passed, your raring to go and then you see Connors wearing a stupid god damn vest!! But that’s ok, Foley is named on the ground and ready to tear it up. You leave the house to go play basketball and return home to find out Foley scores 21 and Connors 24. What the…

If you are like me, your feeling betrayed. Even if you did the Bryce Gibbs loophole (yes, thanks Calvin!), you still have a very bitter taste in your mouth. Richmond bent me over and said hey Aki, take this! So I did… very reluctantly.

We didn’t want to think about it, but most of us now realise the substitute rule is going to mess with us all year. We are all in the same boat and I guess coping it 1st game of the 1st round is just a sweet reminder to us all that “luck” is going to play such a big part of Dream Team this year, not like it doesn’t already. Personally knowing the coaches might help also…

In case you missed it, Damien Hardwick placed Daniel Connors (24) as the sub to start the game last night and then when his very crook little warrior Nathan Foley (21) was physically unable to take the field, Connors was subbed on.

Now, to brighten everyone’s day (especially my own as I have both) this is the good news: Nathan Foley will do anything to run out on to the ground this year and have a crack. The guy was death warmed up apparently before the game and somehow convinced his hard nut coach and medical staff he could play the game out, even though he’d probably thrown up more time’s than I would on a bender with Charlie Sheen. When the medico’s finally realised man my Foley had been actually leaving traces of fecal matter on the field, they knew it was time for him to put the dressing gown on.

Positive number two: Hardwick has come out and said Connors was only a sub due to his interrupted pre-season. This is not a role he will be getting used too. THANK GOD! But the question is: Why did you play him? Too late now, we must move on.

The Run-Down:

Don’t jump off Foley and Connors just yet, you would be mad. Nathan is going to be an integral part of Richmond’s engine this year and by still wanting to have a crack when he really shouldn’t of, show’s me he is raring to go. While Daniel by the looks/sounds of it, isn’t 100% and I guess we will have to see after Richmond’s next game vs St Kilda if we might have given him a Guernsey too soon.





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