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Loop That!

So… did you do it? Did you follow the advice you were given, and did you do the ‘captain loop hole’ taking Bryce Gibbs’ massive 147? “Oh but it wont work Calvin…” ha ha LOOP THAT BROTHER!

If you didn’t hear… Bryce Gibbs’ had 147!
Did you follow the advice you were given and lock Bryce in as “VC”?
I certainly did and therefore will not be calling on Dane Swan this week to beat it. Although he actually might, the risk isn’t worth it. I was calling Dane in for anything under 125, but Bryce did the job. I’m over the fact that Foley had 24 and was subbed out (what a SHIT rule)…. but with 147 in the captain account… I’m happy for now.

What did you do with the loop hole?





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